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Report: Tucker Carlson Raising Funds For A New Media Venture

Report: Tucker Carlson Raising Funds For A New Media Venture

Report: Tucker Carlson Raising Funds For A New Media Venture

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Tucker Carlson, the former host of Fox News’s popular show Tucker Carlson Tonight, is reportedly making big moves in the media world. According to Mediaite, Carlson is raising funds for a new media venture and many of his former staffers at Fox News are reuniting with him for the project.

In a report by Puck News’s Dylan Byers, it was revealed that Carlson is currently in the process of raising capital for his new venture. Byers also stated that the “vast majority” of the laid-off staffers from Fox News will be joining Carlson in his new endeavor. This comes after Fox News let go of the staff members from Carlson’s show, leaving them with the option to reapply for new positions within the company.

Byers further speculated that Carlson’s recent monologues posted on Twitter could be a precursor to his new media venture. It is possible that these videos serve as a top-of-funnel play for what Carlson has cooking behind the scenes. Byers noted that Carlson is aiming to launch a new company that may have a greater influence than his Twitter show.

The report also highlighted the potential financial backing that Carlson could receive from wealthy conservative media investors. With a large following and fandom, Carlson’s new venture might set a standard for TV news personalities with significant appeal but limited opportunities in the shrinking television audience.

It should come as no surprise that Carlson’s former staffers are choosing to reunite with him after Fox News’s decision to let them go. The team of producers and employees from Tucker Carlson Tonight had already faced a significant shakeup when two of its top producers left weeks before. One of them caused a stir by labeling President Biden a “wannabe dictator” on the show’s chyron. This move was both outrageous and emblematic of the network’s unrestrained approach to news coverage.

The remaining members of the Tucker Carlson Tonight team were informed on Monday that they would need to leave by mid-July. Although they have the option to reapply for new positions, it seems highly unlikely that they would choose to do so. Instead, the majority of these employees are planning on reuniting with Carlson, who is currently posting Twitter videos from his barn in Maine.

The departure of Carlson and his team from Fox News raises questions about the network’s decision-making. Carlson’s show was one of the network’s highest-rated programs, and his departure could have significant implications for Fox News’s viewership. It remains to be seen how the network will respond to this loss and whether they will be able to fill the void left by Carlson’s absence.

For Tucker Carlson, this new media venture represents an opportunity to further establish himself as a prominent figure in conservative news media. With his vast following and loyal fan base, Carlson has the potential to shape the landscape of TV news in the coming years.

It is clear that Carlson’s departure from Fox News was not the end of his career, but rather the beginning of an exciting new chapter. As he raises funds and gathers his team for his new media venture, the industry will be watching closely to see what the future holds for Tucker Carlson and his vision for the future of news.

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