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Report: GOP Megadonor Reconsidering DeSantis Support

Report: GOP Megadonor Reconsidering DeSantis Support

Title: Ken Griffin and Other Republican Megadonors Reconsider Their Support for Ron DeSantis


Republican megadonor Ken Griffin, CEO of Citadel, is reportedly reconsidering his support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the upcoming presidential primary. DeSantis, once seen as a rising star in the Republican Party, has been facing difficulties gaining traction against former President Donald Trump in the polls. Griffin’s wavering support is part of a growing trend among donors who are concerned about the trajectory of DeSantis’ campaign. This article delves into the reasons behind the donors’ worries and explores the possible implications for DeSantis’ presidential bid.

Griffin’s Initial Endorsement of DeSantis

In November, Ken Griffin expressed his readiness to endorse Ron DeSantis for president, praising his record as the governor of Florida. Griffin had already donated a substantial amount of $5 million to DeSantis’ gubernatorial reelection campaign. However, according to recent reports, Griffin is now reassessing his support for DeSantis. Observers speculate that DeSantis’ lack of progress in challenging Trump’s dominance in the Republican primary polls is a key factor driving Griffin’s reconsideration.

Growing Concerns Among Donors

Griffin is not alone in his apprehension about DeSantis’ campaign. Other donors who have previously supported DeSantis are also voicing concerns. Despite raising $20 million since entering the primary race in May, DeSantis still lags significantly behind Trump in the polls. The Murdoch family, known for their conservative media empire, is reportedly losing confidence in DeSantis as well. Several donors have conveyed their worries to fundraisers, citing the perceived challenge of overcoming Trump’s lead and his strong backing from Republican congressional endorsements.

Analyzing the Polls and Endorsements

Examining the current polling data offers further insight into the concerns expressed by donors. The article scrutinizes the gap between DeSantis and Trump, considering whether it poses an insurmountable challenge for the Florida Governor. Additionally, the significance of Trump’s extensive support from Republican congressional endorsements is explored. As DeSantis previously served as a representative for Florida in the House, the article evaluates the potential impact of this disadvantage on his campaign.

Impact on DeSantis’ Presidential Bid

The wavering support from Republican megadonors like Ken Griffin and the growing concerns among other donors may have substantial consequences for DeSantis’ presidential aspirations. The article delves into how decreasing financial support and public endorsements could hinder DeSantis’ ability to mount an effective campaign against Trump. It also examines the implications for his overall positioning within the Republican Party and his chances of securing the nomination.

Assessing DeSantis’ Potential Recovery Strategies

In light of the mounting worries surrounding his campaign, it is essential to analyze the potential recovery strategies available to DeSantis. The article explores various options, such as refining his messaging, leveraging his governance accomplishments in Florida, and differentiating his policy proposals from those of Trump. Additionally, it examines the importance of appealing to a broad base within the Republican Party and expanding his network of influential supporters.


The reconsideration of support from Ken Griffin and other Republican megadonors highlights growing concerns about Ron DeSantis’ campaign for the presidency. As the polls continue to favor Donald Trump and DeSantis faces challenges in securing significant endorsements, the road ahead appears increasingly difficult for the Florida Governor. Nevertheless, it is still possible for DeSantis to mount a successful recovery and regain the support of wavering donors. The next few months will be critical in determining whether DeSantis can overcome the obstacles and emerge as a formidable challenger to Trump in the Republican primary.

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