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Records destroy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s cocaine alibi

The cocaine scandal swallowing the white house has taken a dramatic new turn with the Biden administration and the press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre — caught in an epic lie.

The White House had consistently maintained the president Joe BidenFirst Lady Jill Bidenand first child, Hunter Bidenthey were away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as of Friday June 30th and did not return until Tuesday July 4th.

The bag of cocaine found in the west wing was uncovered Sunday at the White House.

But according to the press group’s official June 30 report, President Biden made remarks in the Roosevelt Room that afternoon, and he didn’t. leave the White House for Camp David until 18:34.

Joining him on that trip were Jill, Hunter, and Hunter’s son, Beau Biden.

The official record of the presidential whereabouts directly contradicts the assailed Jean-Pierre, who angrily insisted on one Press conference on Friday: “They were not here on Friday (June 30). They were not here on Saturday (July 1). They were not here on Sunday (July 2). They weren’t even here on Monday (July 3rd). They returned on Tuesday (July 4).”

Jean-Pierre desperate he tried to break free the direct question if the cocaine found in the west wing belonged to any member of the first family.

“To ask that question is really incredibly irresponsible, and I’ll leave it at that,” he said.

At the same time, a former Secret Service agent, Dan Bongohe said he believed only a member of the first family could have entered it.

“There is absolutely ZERO possibility that anyone other than a family member brought this cocaine into the White House compound,” he said.

“There’s no way he would pass the security/magazine checkpoints. The family bypasses them.”

Over the weekend, Texas Senator Ted Cruz he rejected the notion that he was concerned hunter was responsible for the cocaine, rather than speculating that a senior Biden official might be involved.

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He accused the administration of a cover-up, noting the astonishing length of time it takes the Secret Service to identify the party responsible.

“We know Hunter has a drug problem,” Cruz said.

“We know he’s used cocaine and he’s used crack cocaine in the past … but I doubt Hunter Biden goes to the West Wing that often and that entrance that often.”

“I think it’s, in all likelihood, somebody working in the Biden administration, a senior Biden official, which makes the cover-up all the more surprising.”


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