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Progressivism is fascism without virtue

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Most Americans think that fascism became so bad because it advocated unlimited omnipotent government and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

But the left thinks none of this: they believe the problem with fascism was that it was virile, and valued excellence.

If it had only been decayed and degenerated, absolute power would have been like a universal loving mother who takes care of everyone. Not, you know, a devouring national concentration camp like communist regimes became.

The left accepts all the tenets of fascism, in fact it is impossible to find a structural difference between progressivism and fascism in terms of the actual government and economic system…

Both are third way systems that claim to balance capitalism and communism by allowing private property but allowing the government to regulate it fully (ie no real private property), have totalitarian tax and police structures that allow no privacy or security in personal documents or transactions, massive militaries, a central government paramilitary police force (SS, FBI) ​​whose primary job is not loyalty and ideology. centralized governing institutions of the old republic, and a major emphasis on centralized control over the nature and content of public education so that no region, subculture, or ethnic subgroup can escape and propagate rival values.

All German schools must allow the Hitler Youth to operate, and all American schools must have segregation, anal-inclusive sex education, and drag queen story time…there can be no regional variation.

Saxony cannot experiment with anti-militarist Montessori schools, any more than Alabama can experiment with a mono-ethnic religious school, nor Maine with sex-segregated classical education.

The values ​​of the central government must be taught to every corner of the empire, in whatever way the central government chooses… the only culture that can be formed and unified is the culture of the central government.

The only difference is what cultures and values ​​they want to force on the populace through unlimited god-like government… simply fascism values ​​health, family, excellence, distinction, aggressiveness, boldness, virility, and ethnic sentiments… while progressivism values ​​disease, hedonism, mediocrity, homogeneity, cowardice, isolation, and passivity.

Progressivism is simply a degenerate, anti-virtue variant of fascism… imposing disease on the populace in the name of “equality”, ie. reducing everyone to the lowest quality (how do you make a special education kid and Magnus Carlson the same as chess players? Progressives can’t even teach ordinary kids, it’s simple: you lobotomize Carlson)


And if you point this out and advocate against the totalitarian system of government that Americans suffer from…Progressives will accuse you of fascism! Because your goal is to make people healthy and virtuous.

They cannot understand the idea that government is not God, or that people could be really free, or that diverse people could live differently in a decentralized world without the obligatory homogeneity … So, of course, the only thing that is opposed to fascism are the things he shared with the healthiest civilizations that preceded him: Astuthet, a loyal man, a loyal man, and a loyal man, and a loyalty, a loyal man and a loyalty, a loyal manner, a loyal man, and a loyalty, Itat. don’t you know), organization and competitive excellence…

What they hated most about fascism wasn’t the brutality or the control (they will demand the most totalitarian regulations (see lockdowns) and defend the genocides of communism with their dying breath) it’s that the fascists were still half-poisoned with the totalitarian state and its diseases… it’s that they still remembered Rome and Greece and believed in health and health.

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