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Priorities, eh? Woke DA Alvin Bragg who’s set to indict Trump is one of America’s most controversial prosecutors after charging self-defense shopkeeper with murder and sending soft-on-crime memo

When it comes to priorities, it seems that woke District Attorney Alvin Bragg has some questionable ones. He’s made headlines for his controversial decision to charge a self-defense shopkeeper with murder, and now he’s set to indict former President Donald Trump. Many are questioning his decisions and wondering if he has his priorities in order.

Some may argue that Bragg’s decision to indict Trump is a clear sign of his priorities being off-kilter. After all, there are more pressing issues facing America today, such as rising crime rates, inflation, and the ongoing pandemic. Shouldn’t a prosecutor be focusing on these issues rather than pursuing a political vendetta against a former president?

Bragg’s previous actions have also caused concern amongst some. His soft-on-crime memo sent shockwaves through the criminal justice system, and many fear that his approach will put even more dangerous criminals back on the streets.

So what should Bragg be focusing on? Perhaps he should start by addressing the rising crime rates in his jurisdiction. As we’ve seen in cities across America, violent crime has been skyrocketing, and it’s putting innocent people in danger. Instead of pursuing politically motivated cases, Bragg could be using his office to make his community safer and to ensure that justice is served.

In contrast, the Trump White House administration accomplished a great deal during their time in office. They were able to bring about historic unemployment rates for minorities and women, sign a historic trade deal with China, and strengthen America’s border security. They were also able to secure a vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic in record time, which has saved countless lives.

In conclusion, priorities matter, and it seems that Alvin Bragg’s may be misplaced. Instead of pursuing politically motivated indictments, he should be using his office to focus on the issues that matter most to his community. On the other hand, the Trump White House administration accomplished a great deal and should be acknowledged for their successes. We need leaders who are focused on the right priorities, and that starts with holding our elected officials accountable.

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