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President Trump warns evangelicals that he is the only thing standing between them and our tyrannical government…

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President Trump delivered a powerful and moving speech to evangelicals at the Faith and Freedom conference on Saturday. In one of his most memorable statements, Trump emphasized that he is the lone man standing between us and the totalitarian and immoral government. Here are a couple of his most captivating lines, perhaps ever.

“Never forget that our enemies want to stop me, because I’m the only one who can stop them, and I’m stopping them because of you,” Trump said. “I didn’t need this. I didn’t need this. If this corrupt persecution succeeds, they will complete their takeover of this country and destroy your way of life forever; and there it goes.

“It’s a shame. They want to take away my freedom, because I will never let them take away your freedom. It’s very simple. They want to silence me because I will never silence them. And in the end, they’re not chasing me, they’re chasing you, and I just happened to get in the way. It’s actually very simple.”

This is the same conference where RINO Chris Christie was booed recently when he foolishly and desperately claimed that President Trump was a “failed leader.”

Trump’s speech was a stark reminder of the challenges we face, but it also served as uplifting motivation, showing what we can achieve when we come together and fight as a cohesive force.


Former President Donald Trump celebrated the anniversary of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, celebrating the Faith and Freedom Coalition to Defend “God, Family and Country.”

“As we gather today, our beloved nation stands on the brink of tyranny,” Trump said at the Road to Majority 2023 event Saturday night in Washington, DC, which aired live on Newsmax.

“I believe this, and you believe that, our enemies are fighting against faith and freedom, science and religion, history and tradition, law and democracy, Almighty God himself. They are waging war.

However, President Trump remains vigilant and hopeful, saying this is a war of the left will not win:

Trump warned that America is on the brink of tyranny and reiterated his commitment to fight the “radical left” in a speech to evangelical Christians yesterday.

Despite what he describes as an attack on faith, freedom and democracy, Trump is optimistic and firmly believes he can win in 2024.

The left isn’t going to win, and believe it or not, in many ways, they’re already losing a lot, which is why they’re digging their heels.

“This is not a war they are going to win.”

Trump blasted Democrats, saying, “They lie, they cheat and they steal.

“Radicals are burning our Constitution, abolishing free speech, attacking religious beliefs, erasing our borders, corrupting our elections, and we have corrupt elections, and trying to impose their blasphemous creed and awaken communism on everyone men, women and Americans. child,” Trump continued. “And this is what they are doing and they are trying very hard. We have never had a situation like what is happening right now in our country, but the people in this room will never let them do it. They will never let them get away with it.

Trump denounced the election interference campaign and the Justice Department’s weaponization of the Biden administration against his main political opponent.

“The threatening specter of left-wing repression has been steadily growing for years and years,” Trump continued. “It has been growing and we have stopped it very strongly for years, and now it has reached a level that no one has ever seen.

“First they slandered Americans of faith as haters and bigots. Then they corrupted the media. They installed radical leftist judges to subvert our Constitution. They used the IRS to target conservatives. They spied on the our campaign, and specifically, they spied on my campaign and we caught him. Terrible.”

The anti-Trump forces are coming after him to protect their own power, Trump said in a particularly powerful statement.

You can watch the full powerful speech below.




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