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President Trump is set to activate “winner-take-all rules” for Super Tuesday…

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If you tune into the fake news media, including Fox News, you would be led to believe that there is a hotly contested “primary race” underway. But let’s set the record straight: There is no real race. Trump is on track to win the primary in a historic landslide, marking one of the least competitive primaries in modern political history. However, NeverTrumpers like Fox Corp board member Paul Ryan are probably in denial and desperate to maintain the “race” narrative. If you recall, about a year ago, Paul Ryan confidently made this prediction:

As usual, Paul Ryan and the rest of the establishment have no idea about the current state of the GOP. Now relegated to the fringes, they are scrambling to support literally anyone other than President Trump. However, their struggle is in vain. Trump is not only poised for victory; Super Tuesday is about to activate the winner-takes-all rule.

You might be wondering, “What does ‘winner take it all’ mean?” Simply put, it’s the simplest method of allocating delegates: win the majority of votes in a state above a certain threshold (usually 50%) and you get all of that state’s delegates. The big news for Trump is that most Republican primaries operate under this winner-take-all rule, where the candidate with the most votes takes all the delegates. Iowa and New Hampshire are exceptions, where delegates are awarded in proportion to gross vote count. Respected pollster Richard Baris has been following this political landscape closely, and here’s what he had to say about what’s really unfolding.

Trump is poised to activate winner-take-all rules in literally every state with a threshold on Super Tuesday, including California and Texas.

You’d never know it from Murdoch Media, but this is the least competitive primary in modern memory.

Baris is specifically referring to his own poll and also this California poll showing Trump at 11 points, and DeSantis at 10 points.

President Trump is currently in the strongest political position he has ever been in. It’s pretty telling how adamant people are in their belief that he’s the right man for the job. After all, widespread efforts to bring him down only fuel the belief that he must be doing something right.



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