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Poll shows more Americans will blame Biden if US defaults – The Donald – America First

Poll shows more Americans will blame Biden if US defaults – The Donald – America First

His “brand” is cutting spending and lowering taxes for his wealthy patrons and corporations. In this way, services are reduced or the tax burden is shifted not to the middle class. Or both.

Note that there was no GOP platform (for the first time) coming out of the 2020 convention. When Cocaise Mitch was asked what the Republicans stand for, he said he would let the voters know once they regained the majority. Republicans just want to exercise power. They have no interest in governing. It’s no coincidence that they went ahead and won with immigration as #1 in 2016. Yet when they had 2 years of control over the WH and both houses of Congress, they didn’t even write a bill immigration It’s not that none have happened. They didn’t even try. That’s because it was their biggest fund-raiser and vote-getter. Better serve their needs as a meeting point. There is no incentive to actually fix it.

Look what happened to abortion. This was the #1 problem for decades. Now they are like the dog that took the car. None of them want to talk about it. None of them are saying “Look what we did, we ended abortion.” And that’s because in many red states and districts, that gets you murdered at the ballot box. And cheers for the blue voters: the reds are all happy to take the W and stay home.

Only the House has control over the debt ceiling. If we fail, the blame will fall squarely on the shoulders of Republicans. as it should There is no unilateral action that the Dems or the Executive can take at this time. And a default will screw everything up. Massive unemployment, big interest rate hikes, recession: a perfect storm of economic catastrophe. It’s so reckless I can hardly begin to describe it.

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