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Police arrest an autistic teenager for an alleged hate crime.

Mark the date. We have the worst example of UK police arresting someone for a ‘hate crime’. An autistic teenager was dragged out of her home for telling a police officer she looked like her nana…she was a lesbian.

I should say ALLEGEDLY, according to a now-viral video from the teenager’s mother. “This is what the police do when they deal with autistic children. My daughter told me that the police officer looked like her nana, who is a lesbian.”

The cop, who you’ll see in the video a) did it and b) looked angry and bitter, accused the girl of being homophobic. Swearing is illegal in the UK. So it took an entire TEAM of cops to drag the autistic teenage girl out of the closet she was hiding in (no pun intended) and out of the house.

The mother tried to plead with the police. However, the officer with short hair and a Meghan Rapinoe lookalike said: “I don’t care. She’s being arrested.”

“You’re taking her out for what, she said the word lesbian? Her nana is a lesbian, she’s married to a woman. She’s not homophobic.”

Oh, and the sixteen-year-old autistic girl also suffers from scoliosis. It took a team of police officers to drag her out of the house. And the only RBF looking cop with short hair to look at.

The Daily Mail reports the reason the police were at the house was because a relative had called to say the teenager was intoxicated downtown. A statement from West Yorkshire Police said: “‘We are aware of a video circulating on social media which, as is often the case, provides only a very limited snapshot of the circumstances of this incident. Officers had their body cameras body-worn video cameras on. during his wider involvement with this young woman which provides additional context to his actions. We have received a complaint in relation to this incident which is currently being assessed by West’s Directorate of Professional Standards Yorkshire”.

Allow this video is not exactly what this video looks like. It’s hard to do because we’ve already seen it outside of the UK. more people being arrested in the UK for ‘hate speech’ than in Russia

In 2022, a man was arrested for a social media post that, quote, “caused someone anxiety.“Really. That was the excuse they gave him.

In 2023, the UK began arresting people for praying in public. No, seriously. Pray in public. This is illegal when done too close to an abortion clinic.


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