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P&O Britannia cruise ship collides with cargo ship

During a violent storm in Majorca, the P&O cruise ship Britannia reportedly collided with a cargo ship on Sunday morning. The huge ship, making its journey across the Mediterranean with thousands on board, experienced the fury of the storm while docking in Palma, the capital of Mallorca.

Witnesses on board the Britannia captured dramatic footage showing intense gusts of wind and tumultuous waves. The footage gave a harrowing view of the intensity of the storm from the ship’s window.

In a statement to Sky News, P&O Cruises confirmed that the accident was due to a “weather-related incident” that occurred near the port of Palma. While the ship bore the brunt of the storm, only a “small number” of passengers suffered minor injuries. All the injured are currently under the care of the ship’s medical team.

Despite the day’s events, the cruise line intends to keep its guests entertained, promising an evening full of “entertainment and activities on board.” The Britannia, according to the official P&O Cruises site, has 13 guest decks and has the capacity to accommodate 3,647 guests along with 1,350 crew members.

The ship’s journey began from the port of Southampton on August 18, charting a two-week journey through the Mediterranean, calling at the ports of Cadiz and Ibiza before the stormy rendezvous near Palma de Mallorca.

The impact of the storm was not limited to the sea. Videos from Mallorca show fierce winds hurling debris, causing damage to some of the island’s tourist structures.

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