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Pit bull or drag queen? – The Donald – America First

Pit bull or drag queen?  – The Donald – America First

Fun fact: 75% of pit bulls are misidentified.

From the studies conducted it was found that the dogs that were considered pit bulls only had 43% of the genetics of the dogs that make up the pit bull breed.

The AKC does not recognize the pit bull as a separate breed.

The most important race on the list for most attacks is unknown. The second is the misidentified pit bull. The third is Rottweilers and then German Shepherds.

When not tagged, people will choose to adopt a pit bull over 60% of the time and it used to be known as America’s dog.

I honestly couldn’t care less about people’s opinion (opinion) about these animals. I have them and have never trained a dog to attack as I don’t want a dog for that.

I currently have a dog that is one of the animals that create the pit bull that is the American Bulldog. He was socializing from 6 weeks with adults, children, cats, other dogs and minorities. He also suffered from the stress of having a child around by pulling his ears, nose, skin, legs and tail because my wife and I were planning to have children.

So yes, it’s all about working out at home. Is there a risk? Of couse. There is a risk of being attacked by humans with an even greater risk, especially if there is a herd.

Everyone loves to have their opinions validated, so they will use search terms to validate those opinions. Get out of your comfort zone and change the way you search for information. You do that when you prove the left wrong, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from doing that to prove your own bias.

To be clear, I would never leave my daughter alone with any dog ​​that wasn’t trained by me and I would never leave my daughter with any mentally ill person, whether I knew them or not.

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