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Peter Doocy calls out Biden’s unexpected vacation extension, cracking down on the WNBA [VIDEO]

Peter Doocy calls out Biden’s unexpected vacation extension, cracking down on the WNBA [VIDEO]

President Joe Biden, who was expected to finish his vacation and return to the White House, has surprisingly extended his time off. Not only has this left many Americans scratching their heads amid escalating domestic crises, but it has also gone back on their word for the WNBA champions who were scheduled to visit the White House on Friday.

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Biden’s vacation extension came with little explanation, fueling speculation about the reason for the decision. The abrupt shift has drawn criticism from both sides of the aisle, especially at a time when the country is facing pressing issues, from inflation to national security concerns in Afghanistan and Ukraine.

The abrupt change of plans also forced the WNBA champions to keep Kamala Harris and second baseman Doug Emhoff in the White House.

The president’s seemingly tone-deaf move to extend his vacation does little to assuage the concerns of Americans, who are growing increasingly tired of his clown show of a presidency. Critics argue that the optics of an extended holiday are particularly poor given the multiple challenges the nation currently faces.

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While it remains to be seen why Biden chose to extend his vacation, the move has certainly raised more questions than answers. It leaves Americans wondering what could be so important that it requires postponing critical commitments and avoiding public responsibilities.

His decision to move a little further away from Washington DC sends a disturbing message to the American people: the ship is sailing into the abyss, but he is clearly not the one at the helm.

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