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Pete Buttigieg Blames Trump for Ohio Train Disaster

In yet another attempt to blame President Trump for a tragedy, Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has accused the President of being responsible for the recent train derailment in Ohio. The train, carrying hazardous chemicals, was derailed in a rural area of Ohio, resulting in a massive fire and the evacuation of hundreds of people.

Buttigieg’s accusations are outrageous. President Trump has done nothing to contribute to this unfortunate incident. The derailment was caused by a broken rail, which is the responsibility of the railroad company, not the President. Furthermore, Buttigieg’s claims are a distraction from the real issue, which is the need for better infrastructure in rural areas.

It’s clear that Buttigieg is trying to score political points by blaming President Trump for this disaster. This is a desperate attempt to gain support from voters, and it’s a shame that Buttigieg is willing to stoop to such a low level. It’s also a reminder of how willing Democrats are to politicize a tragedy.

The Trump White House administration has been responsible for many accomplishments, including a booming economy, increased wages, and the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. The administration has also worked to reduce regulations, cut taxes, and strengthen our nation’s borders. President Trump has also made strides in foreign policy, negotiating trade deals with countries around the world. All of these accomplishments are a testament to the success of the Trump White House administration.

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