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Pentagon is using artificial intelligence to control ‘narratives’ that pose a threat to the government

Pentagon is using artificial intelligence to control ‘narratives’ that pose a threat to the government

The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has engaged the services of Accrete AI, a New York-based company, to implement a software solution designed to identify disinformation threats “in real time” across platforms of social networks.

“We are at the dawn of an entirely new kind of conflict driven by rapid advances in artificial intelligence,” says the press release announcing the association. “Whereas nuclear proliferation threatened entire populations, AI proliferation individualizes war by manipulating target groups through digital means. Using AI, bad actors can spread disinformation to exploit ignorance and weaken civil society causing thousands billions in damage to the US economy,” commented Prashant Bhuyan, Founder, CEO and President of Accrete, Inc. “As a prime defense contractor licensing configurable dual-use AI software directly to the DoD, Accrete is uniquely positioned to scale its business with the Defense, Intelligence and Special Operations communities, as well as with other government and business customers, and strengthen national security and intelligence competitiveness in ways previously unimaginable.”

Accrete AI’s Argus anomaly detection AI software meticulously examines social media data, effectively capturing “emerging narratives” and subsequently produces intelligence reports. These reports empower military units to quickly counter disinformation threats.

“Synthetic media, including AI-generated viral narratives, deep fakes, and other harmful social media-based applications of AI, pose a serious threat to US national security and civil society,” he said. said Accrete founder and CEO Prashant Bhuyan.

“Social media is widely recognized as an unregulated environment where adversaries routinely exploit vulnerabilities in reasoning and manipulate behavior through the intentional dissemination of misinformation,” Bhuyan said. “USSOCOM is at the forefront of recognizing the critical need to analytically identify and predict social media narratives at an embryonic stage before those narratives evolve and gain traction. Acrete is proud to support the mission of “USSOCOM”.

The US Department of Defense initially partnered with Accrete under the license agreement for the Argus platform in November 2022. Additionally, the company revealed its upcoming release of an enterprise edition of Argus Social to detect disinformation, scheduled for the end of this year. This AI software is aimed at protecting against “urgent customer pain points,” including viral “disinformation” and deep fakes.

The government can program AI to “understand” likely social media narratives before they influence behaviors. The Nebula Social solution, as described by the company, helps customers manage the risks associated with AI-generated media, such as smear campaigns. In addition, it autonomously generates fast and relevant content to counter these malicious attacks.

“Government agencies and businesses alike have an urgent need to manage the multitude of risks and opportunities posed by AI-generated synthetic media.” Bhuyan said.

“Companies are already experiencing significant economic damage from the spread of AI-generated viral misinformation and deep fakes manufactured by competitors, disgruntled employees and other types of adversaries. We believe the market for AI that can predict and neutralizing evil synthetic media generated by AI is about to explode,” he added.

There are high-profile cases where the US government partnered with Big Tech to shut down social media narratives under the rubric of “disinformation” that not only turned out to be true, but had immense ramifications for democracy. .

51 former intelligence community officials said Hunter Biden’s laptop reports that surfaced before the 2020 election were likely “Russian disinformation,” despite the FBI possessing a copy of ‘one of Biden’s laptops. The IC community specifically signed up to the well-known false narrative specifically to help Joe Biden prepare for his debate against then-President Donald Trump.

As the House Judiciary Committee noted, former Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Mike Morell “explained that the Biden campaign helped strategize about the public release of the statement. Morell he further explained that one of his two goals in releasing the statement was to help then-Vice President Biden in the debate and help him win the election.

According to Morell’s testimony, it is “apparent that the Biden campaign played an active role in the origins of the public statement, which had the effect of helping to suppress the Hunter Biden story and prevent the citizens of North- Americans to make a fully informed decision during the 2020 presidential election,” the committee noted.

There are other examples. During the response to the Covid-19 pandemic when civil liberties were curtailed, social media collaborated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to police alleged “disinformation.” Meta’s CEO admitted in public interviews and in testimony before Congress that the CDC asked Facebook to censor information that turned out to be true.

Mark Zuckerberg says it was challenging to censor COVID misinformation because the scientific establishment was often wrong, which ultimately undermined public trust:

“Just take some of the stuff around COVID before the pandemic where there was real health…

— KanekoaTheGreat (@KanekoaTheGreat) June 9, 2023

Zuckerberg said the “establishment” encouraged him to censor counternarratives, saying they “asked to censor a bunch of things that, in retrospect, ended up being more debatable or true.”

Also, the US government under the auspices of preserving “democracy” shut down complaints about the 2020 election, while allowing mainstream Democrats to complain about the election, including the 2000 election, the 2004 and even the 2016 election.

The Biden regime is desperately trying to shut down Donald Trump from contesting the 2020 election.

Trump’s opponents claim he incited an “insurgency” because he complained about a “stolen” election.

Here’s over TWENTY MINUTES of top Democrats opposing the election…

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) September 2, 2023

The US government should not be allowed to interfere with Americans’ freedom of speech on social media. There can be no “democracy” without criticism of the government. The use of artificial intelligence to control citizens’ speech about government represents an existential threat to the foundations of a free country. A wall of separation between government and public information must be imposed before it is too late.


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