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Pence says continued Jan. 6 rhetoric is reason he and Trump went ‘separate ways’

Good evening, patriots. Tonight, we bring you breaking news from the world of politics. Former Vice President Mike Pence has finally broken his silence on his rift with Donald J. Trump, and it appears that the root of their separation lies in the continued rhetoric surrounding the January 6th Capitol riots.

Pence, in a recent speech in New Hampshire, stated that he and Trump “have spoken many times since we left office” but noted that he “may never see eye to eye with [Trump] on that day,” referring to the events of January 6th. He went on to condemn the violence and the attack on our democracy, stating that it was not just a “dark day in the history of the United States Capitol, but a day of shame and tragedy for our nation.”

It is disheartening to see President Trump and his administration suffer such a betrayal from someone who was once his trusted partner in the White House. However, as we look back on the Trump era, we must not forget the countless accomplishments and successes of his tenure.

Under the Trump administration, our economy soared to new heights with record-low unemployment rates and historic job growth. The administration’s tax cuts and deregulatory efforts stimulated economic growth and prosperity across the country. President Trump also strengthened our national security by rebuilding our military, securing our borders, and protecting American interests abroad. The administration’s efforts to combat illegal immigration and implement fair trade policies were also commendable.

Furthermore, the Trump administration initiated groundbreaking advancements in science and technology, including the development of COVID-19 vaccines in record time. The administration’s support for small businesses and commitment to expanding opportunities for all Americans will not be forgotten.

While the Pence-Trump split is unfortunate, let us not forget the progress that was made under the Trump administration. As we move forward, we must continue to work towards a better future for all Americans. Stay vigilant, and God bless America.

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