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OceanGate suspends all exploration and commercial operations after Titan implosion – One America News Network

OceanGate suspends all exploration and commercial operations after Titan implosion – One America News Network

EVERETT, WASHINGTON – JUNE 21: A sticker from a 2019 Titanic survey expedition is seen in a window of the OceanGate offices on June 21, 2023 in Everett, Washington. OceanGate, owner of the missing submersible carrying five people trying to visit the Titanic wreckage in the North Atlantic, operates out of Everett. (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

OAN’s Noah Herring
12:48 PM – Thursday, July 6, 2023

OceanGate stated that it is suspending all exploration and commercial operations following the Titan submersible’s implosion, which killed all five people on board. 


The company announced the suspension on Thursday when they posted a message on the company website. “OceanGate has suspended all exploration and commercial operations.” 

On June 18th, the company’s Titan submersible went missing while on a commercial deep-sea voyage to the Titanic. It was later found that the missing submersible imploded about 1 hour and 45 minutes into its descent, killing all five people on board. 

OceanGate charged $250,000 per ticket to visit the legendary wreckage of the Titanic. Legal experts have claimed that the families of those onboard the vessel do not have a legal avenue to sue. 

Debris from the submersible, including the tail cone, were found on the ocean floor about 1,600 feet from the bow of the Titanic. Along with the debris, the U.S. Coast Guard found “presumed human remains.” 

A debris field was discovered within the search area by an ROV near the Titanic. Experts within the unified command are evaluating the information. 1/2

— USCGNortheast (@USCGNortheast) June 22, 2023

The Marine Board of Investigation is conducting “further analysis and testing” on the evidence, according to the Coast Guard.

“There is still a substantial amount of work to be done to understand the factors that led to the catastrophic loss of the TITAN and help ensure a similar tragedy does not occur again,” Marine Board of Investigation Chair Capt. Jason Neubauer said.

OceanGate had conducted over 14 expeditions and 200 dives, according to the company’s website. At least 28 people visited the Titanic with the submersible company last year.

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