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Now we know who was behind Paxton’s impeachment, and it all makes perfectly twisted sense…

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As you probably know, Ken Paxton, arguably the nation’s best attorney general, is facing impeachment proceedings led by so-called “Republicans” in Texas. Many are surprised to see so many RINOs in leadership roles in the Lone Star State. But it makes sense when you consider Texas’ long history of establishment politics. It’s a sad reminder that the establishment doesn’t back down easily, and they’re not afraid to get in the gutter and play dirty; as we can see with the Paxton impeachment trial. Fortunately, Paxton’s legal team is scouring the RINOs as we speak.

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As it stands, the outlook looks very good for Paxton, as long as GOP senators stick to the rulebook and aren’t secretly serving the interests of the one-party regime.

Here’s the crux of the matter: many of these Texas “Republicans” are not true conservatives. They are members of the “one party” that is united against we the people. This is the group leading the charge against Paxton. And now we’ve identified the main force behind the impeachment, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s the Bush family, specifically George P. Bush. The guy who pretended to like Trump. Do you remember him?

Texas primary is George P. Bush's biggest test yet for GOP - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Mike Benz, the executive director of the Foundation for Freedom Online, dropped a bombshell on X, revealing the Bush family’s involvement in Paxton’s Texas situation.

That’s what Mike he said of the Bush plot:

The best accompanying video of Ken Paxton’s impeachment:

2 weeks ago, I covered how the Bush Family CIA Oil Intelligence Mafia wants to kill MAGA to maintain their energy cartel throughout the American Empire.

Now we learn that George P. Bush was behind Paxton’s impeachment

I will see:

Mike goes on to say:

Basically, you can think of DC politics, pre-2016, as the Yale wing of the CIA versus the Texas A&M wing of the CIA.

When Trump took over the GOP, the Texas A&M wing jumped on the Yale side:

1. To save your ass politically
2. Economically save your investments


Mike also shared a link from this Forbes article, saying:

West Texas now produces more oil and gas than Saudi Arabia and Russia… This means more export markets for Texas Oil & Gas if the DOD, State and CIA can create captive markets in the foreigner This is the Bush/Cheney wing of the GOP vision.


The Permian Basin is now the world’s leading oil producer


Therefore, we can reasonably conclude that right now, regardless of the reason, the Permian Basin has overtaken Ghawar as the world’s leading oil producer. This may not last if Saudi Arabia is curtailing production at Ghawar or if Permian production slows soon. But it is the first time in decades that Ghawar was not the world’s most productive oil field.

Benz also shared this YouTube video, saying“Again, the relevance is that Trump/RFK-style populism is currently toothless against the power of the state-backed mob wielded by the Yankees (Democrats raised by Soros) and the Cowboys (Republicans raised by McCain )”:

Mike digs even deeper into this revealing thread about X, going so far as to trace these developments back to the Iran-Contra affair. You can read the whole story here.



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