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Novak Djokovic wins 24th Grand Slam title

Novak Djokovic once again etched his name into the tennis history books when he claimed his fourth US Open title, equaling the record of 24 Grand Slam titles. The Serbian maestro’s straight-sets triumph over Daniil Medvedev in a thrilling final made him the oldest US Open champion in the Open era at 36.

Djokovic’s stellar performance reaffirmed his status as world No. 1 and marked his third Grand Slam win of the year, having previously triumphed at the Australian Open and the Open from France The only hiccup on his road to glory was a five-set defeat against Carlos Alcaraz at Wimbledon.

In a touching tribute to late NBA legend Kobe Bryant, Djokovic wore a tracksuit top emblazoned with the number 24 and “Mamba Forever.” He shared, “I don’t know where to start; it obviously means the world to me. I am truly living my childhood dream of competing at the highest level in a sport that has given me and my family so much.”

Reflecting on his journey, Djokovic continued: “I never imagined I’d be here talking about 24 Slams. But the last two years, I felt like I had a chance, a shot at history, so why not take it?” “Kobe was a close friend; we talked a lot about the winning mentality.”

The match was a thrilling comeback from the 2021 US Open final, where Medvedev had denied Djokovic a calendar Grand Slam. Djokovic earned a first break point in the first set, taking it easily, but the match intensified in a marathon second set, which lasted 104 minutes.

Djokovic described it as “one of the longest sets” of his career, and highlighted his pivotal role in the match. Despite moments of fatigue, Djokovic showed his characteristic resilience, thwarting Medvedev’s attempts to turn the tide.

Medvedev graciously acknowledged Djokovic’s greatness, saying, “First of all, I want to ask Novak, what are you still doing here? I mean, come on. I don’t know when you plan to slow down a little bit. I feel like I’m having a good run ; I have 20 titles, but you have 24 Grand Slams. Wow!”

Djokovic’s historic victory not only cements his legacy in tennis, but also underscores his unwavering pursuit of greatness. The Serbian champion has once again proven that he is a force to be reckoned with on tennis’ biggest stage.

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