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Nobel Foundation cancels invitations amid controversy

In a twist of events, the Nobel Foundation has decided not to invite representatives from Russia, Belarus and Iran to this year’s Nobel Prize ceremonies in Stockholm. This follows a wave of strong public and official reactions in Sweden against the foundation’s initial decision to extend the invitations. Several Swedish officials, including Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, chose to boycott the event in protest, citing concerns such as Russia’s involvement in Ukraine and Iran’s human rights record.

The Nobel Foundation explained its initial position, stating: “We believe it is crucial to spread the values ​​and messages that the Nobel Prize embodies as widely as possible.” However, the organization later acknowledged that the controversy in Sweden had “completely overshadowed” these intentions. As a result, they chose to disinvite “the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus and Iran” from the Stockholm ceremony.

Instead, the foundation will maintain its tradition of inviting all ambassadors to the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony held in Oslo. The foundation had previously mentioned that it usually extends invitations to all nations with diplomatic missions in Sweden and Norway for the Dec. 10 event, as it helps to “universally promote the important messages of the Nobel Prize.”

Russian and Belarusian envoys were specifically excluded from the 2022 ceremonies because of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, while Iran was banned because of what the foundation called “the serious and escalating situation” inside the country.

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