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NJ Governor Explains Why He’s Suing to Go Behind Parents’ Backs to Confuse Kids About Their Gender Identity

NJ Governor Explains Why He’s Suing to Go Behind Parents’ Backs to Confuse Kids About Their Gender Identity

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy appeared on ‘Disgrace the Nation’ Sunday and explained why he is suing teachers for sowing gender identity confusion among children without notifying their parents.

The transcript is as follows:

BRENNAN: I want to pick up on some of the things we just talked about there, including regarding transgender care in your state, because I know your administration has sued three school districts in New Jersey to adopt policies to tell parents if their children show signs of changing their gender identity. Why is Mr. wrong? Christie when he says parents are the ones who know, know best here, and should be involved?

GOV. MURPHY: Let me say unequivocally, I’m not going to Listen, we took these actions because it’s the right thing to do to protect these precious young people. This is a complete culture war. And by the way, Chris Christie was really bad for the LGBTQIA+ community, underfunding public education by $9 billion “with a B.” So, with all due respect to the governor, I’m not sure he has much leg to stand on, but parents are always involved. It is certainly in our administration. They are always on the table and always will be. But let’s be smart about it. We protect the rights of these precious children. We do things the right way, the American way. And I think if we do it in the spirit of respecting everyone’s rights, yes, protecting the LGBTQIA+ community, we’ll land in a good place.

BRENNAN: Well, one of the lawyers for the school board in Marlboro, one of those districts, said that this blocking of a school counselor or a staff member from telling parents is a violation of the constitutional right of parents to direct and control the upbringing of their children. Why is it not convincing?

GOV. MURPHY: Obviously, parents are the existential reality in the education of any child. I certainly don’t deny it for a second. But we do not violate the constitution, the constitutional and civil rights of precious young people, in many cases facing life and as they grow and grow. Let’s be respectful of that. Let’s all be in this together, as opposed to this us versus them, this demonization, and when that happens, it’s invariably the LGBT community that gets … especially trans people that get behind the eight ball.

The governor of New Jersey thus manufactures this notion of “children’s rights”, when he knows very well that children do not have the right to smoke or drink alcohol, or to serve in the military or to vote, much less to undergo genital mutilation surgery that, in many cases, will mark them for life, both physically and figuratively.

Transgender surgeries, especially for minors, are a contentious topic in ongoing debates about cultural issues in America. A major recent study of the side effects of surgeries for transgender people has revealed levels of postoperative discomfort, including pain during sexual activities and urinary problems, raising important questions for this emerging field of medical practice.

The study by University of Florida researchers analyzed data from 21 transgender and non-binary individuals, ages 20 to 70, who had undergone surgeries that consisted primarily of mastectomies and vaginoplasty within the past five years.

Of these, 81% reported pain in areas such as the lower back, groin, pelvis, chest or shoulders weeks, months or even years after surgery. In addition, 57% reported painful intercourse, while 29% experienced urinary incontinence or a frequent and urgent need to urinate.

Dr. Meryl Alappattu, professor of physical therapy at the University of Florida, revealed these preliminary findings in a private online workshop.

“There is a high percentage reporting musculoskeletal pain, difficulty moving and pelvic floor dysfunction,” said Dr. Alappattu, adding that more research is needed in a poorly understood area.

“In terms of getting information related to the effectiveness of these types of treatments … we still have a lot of work to do,” he added.

And just as Governor Murphy would have it, radical activist teachers could target their children to sow gender confusion among children while suggesting they take hormones and undergo genital mutilation surgeries without their parents’ notice or consent. This is a culture war and it is being waged by radicals in an attack on the rights of children and parents.

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