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Nikki Haley joins the climate cult

In a recent appearance on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley emphasized the need for a more robust and realistic approach to dealing with climate change. He acknowledged the need to focus on the environment, but criticized the efforts of the Biden regime, especially in relation to China and India, the world’s top polluters.

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Haley stated, “Well, I think climate change is real, I think we have to focus on it. We all want an environment that has clean air and clean water to leave for our children and grandchildren. But I think we have to be realistic with the American people.” He pointed to the need to actively engage with China and India on the issue of pollution, adding: “If you really want to deal with the environment, why is nobody talking seriously with China and India? What are our biggest polluters?”

In response to host Margaret Brennan’s mention of John Kerry’s recent visits to China and India, Haley noted that those negotiations did not yield tangible results. “And what came back with nothing, came back with nothing. And China said we will take the environment into our own hands.”

Haley further criticized the Biden regime for its soft stance toward China, noting that “the Biden administration has been too nice to China in dealing with this.” He suggested that priority should be given to focusing on a balanced and practical energy policy over dependence on foreign countries.

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Haley further explained, “What we want to do is look at what does the transition look like? You can’t do it tomorrow. But what you can do is transition. And that’s where we say we take an energy approach to all of the above. Yes , there may be solar, yes, there may be wind, but you can’t do it tomorrow. That’s not realistic.”

Haley concluded her argument by recalling the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. The reason was not opposition to a cleaner environment, but unfair restrictions placed on American companies and individuals, compared to China’s lax approach to environmental obligations.

He noted: “I saw when we pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement. The reason we pulled out wasn’t because we didn’t want a clean environment. It’s because we had all these reduced regulations on American companies and to the American people. And China’s role in the Paris Climate Agreement was that we’ll deal with it in 10 years. Well, as Kerry just found out, 10 years never comes China”.

In conclusion, Nikki Haley’s conversation with Margaret Brennan highlighted the need for a more aggressive and pragmatic approach to the global climate challenge. A critical piece of this puzzle, he insists, is the need to apply consistent and substantial pressure on countries like China and India, the world’s biggest polluters.

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