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Newsweek backtracks on Tucker Carlson report launching Russian TV show | news

Newsweek was forced to publish an update to an article he wrote about Tucker Carlson who claimed he launched his own show Russian been television.

The original Newsweek piece it was titled “Tucker Carlson Launches Show on Russian State TV” and cited how footage from his show on X had been played on Russia 24 dubbed into the Russian language. As of Tuesday afternoon, however, the channel has updated the piece to clarify that Carlson did not make that pitch, changing the article's title to “Tucker Carlson's program aired on Russian state television.”

“This Newsweek story is completely false,” read a statement from Tucker Carlson Network's head of programming provided to the Washington Examiner. “Any use of our content by this channel is without legal permission.”

Likewise, TCN CEO Neil Patel wrote to X that the network “has not entered into any agreement with state-owned media in any country” and that the outlet claiming it had should have checked before publishing the his story

Russia's state television airing clips from Carlson's show comes months after he interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin, marking first Kremlin interview with a US-based journalist from the beginning of the war in Ukraine. During the interview, Putin claimed that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine had “an element of civil war”, as Putin had previously stated that the people of Russia and Ukraine are “one people”.


Putin later claimed that he did not get “full satisfaction” from his interview with Carlson, as he expected the talk show host to act more “aggressively” toward him and ask him “so-called sharp questions.” The Kremlin noted that it was surprised by Carlson's patience in the interview, which it did not expect from “a Western journalist.”

In December, Carlson was launched its own streaming platform called the Tucker Carlson Network, which includes free-to-watch interviews and other interviews locked with a monthly subscription.

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