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Newsom offers to help mediate Hollywood strike 

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is offering to help mediate the writers and actors strikes that have left Hollywood in a standstill, his office said.

Anthony York, Newsom’s senior adviser for communications, told The Associated Press the governor’s office has contacted all parties involved in the strike to help broker a deal. He noted that while none of the sides have shown interest in using Newsom’s help, the governor and his top advisers have been in contact with the writers, actors and studio executives as the strikes continue into the late summer.

“Thousands of jobs depend directly or indirectly on Hollywood getting back to work,” York said.

During the last writer’s strike more than a decade ago, the Milken Institute estimated it cost California $2.1 billion.

“It’s clear that the sides are still far apart,” York added. “But he is deeply concerned about the impact a prolonged strike can have on the regional and state economy.”

The writers have been on strike since May, while the actors joined them earlier this month. Among other issues, both unions said they have concerns about the rise of streaming services and decline in audiences watching cable television or going to the movies.

Newsom offered to help mediate a solution when the writers first announced their strike. As a potential future presidential candidate, helping negotiate an end to the Hollywood strikes could boost him on the national stage.

When AP reached out to Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass (D) about Newsom’s involvement in mediating it, Bass spokesman Zach Seidl said in a statement they will “continue to engage with labor leaders, studio heads, elected leaders and other impacted parties to arrive at a fair and equitable solution.”

York did not detail who Newsom spoke with on the union or studio side — and neither responded to requests for comment, AP reported.

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