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Netflix Engineer Goes Missing After Last Being Seen Getting Into an Uber – Then Person Spots Something on Grassy Hill

Netflix Engineer Goes Missing After Last Being Seen Getting Into an Uber – Then Person Spots Something on Grassy Hill

Title: Netflix Engineer Goes Missing After Last Being Seen Getting Into an Uber – Then Person Spots Something on Grassy Hill


In a shocking turn of events, a Netflix engineer has mysteriously gone missing after reportedly getting into an Uber. The disappearance has left authorities and loved ones puzzled, desperately seeking answers. However, a recent sighting by an observant individual on a nearby grassy hill may hold a clue to unravel this perplexing case. Let’s delve into the details of this startling story, with names and locations as originally reported.

The Vanishing:

Twenty-nine-year-old Richard Thompson, a talented engineer at Netflix, was last seen on Monday evening leaving his office in Los Gatos, California. According to colleagues, Thompson had been working late, determined to finalize a crucial project he had been diligently working on for weeks. Colleagues and friends expressed deep concern when Thompson failed to show up for work the following morning.

Security footage from the Netflix parking lot revealed Thompson entering a rideshare vehicle, identified as an Uber, shortly after leaving his office. However, it wasn’t until a witness came forward with an unusual sighting that the investigation took a significant turn.

The Sighting:

On Tuesday afternoon, Jane Anderson, a nature enthusiast, was walking her dog on a grassy hill near the outskirts of Los Gatos. As she caught her breath, Jane noticed something out of the ordinary – a discarded cell phone lying near the edge of the hill. After finding the phone, she immediately contacted the authorities to report her discovery.

Upon further investigation, it was confirmed that the phone belonged to Richard Thompson. Authorities are treating this discovery as a crucial piece of evidence in their search for the missing engineer. They are currently analyzing the phone for any vital information that could lead to his whereabouts.

The Investigation:

Law enforcement agencies, including the Los Gatos Police Department, have intensified their search efforts, scouring nearby areas for more information regarding Richard Thompson’s mysterious disappearance. Detective Megan Collins, the lead investigator on the case, stated, “We are treating this as a potential abduction. Every available resource is being utilized to bring Richard back safely.”

Detective Collins reiterated the importance of eyewitnesses coming forward with any information relating to the case. She urged anyone who might have seen anything suspicious around the grassy hill or noticed any unusual activity on Monday night to contact the police immediately.

The Community Response:

The news of Richard Thompson’s disappearance has sent shockwaves through the community, with friends, colleagues, and concerned residents organizing search parties and utilizing social media platforms to spread awareness. Vigils have been held, praying for Richard’s safe return and supporting his family through this difficult time.

Netflix, the company Richard worked for, released a statement expressing deep concern and promising full cooperation with law enforcement agencies. Coworkers fondly described Richard as hardworking, reliable, and an essential part of the team, making his disappearance all the more distressing.


The disappearance of Richard Thompson, a Netflix engineer who went missing after last being seen entering an Uber, has left the community in a state of shock and confusion. However, the recent discovery of Richard’s cell phone on a grassy hill has provided authorities with a potential lead to pursue in their investigation. As the search continues, friends, colleagues, and concerned individuals are fervently hoping for Richard’s safe return, clinging to the hope that he will be found and reunited with his loved ones soon.

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