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Nebraska Governor Signs ‘Common Sense’ Executive Order Defining Biological Sex

(LifeSiteNews) – The Republican governor of Nebraska. Jim Pills has signed an executive order defining biological sex and endorsing the use of single-sex facilities, banning gender-confused men from invading women’s spaces and sports.

On Wednesday, Pillen signed “Executive Order No. 23-16, Establishing a Bill of Rights for Women,” which he called “common sense” because “men do not belong in women’s only spaces.”

“A person’s ‘sex’ is defined as their biological sex (either male or female) at birth,” order states “A ‘woman’ is an individual whose biological reproductive system is developed to produce eggs; a “male” is an individual whose biological reproductive system is developed to fertilize the eggs of a female.”

The order specifies that the terms “woman” and “girl” also “refer to human females” and “man” and “boy” are men. Similarly, “the word ‘mother’ is defined as the parent of the female sex and ‘father’ is defined as the parent of the male sex.”

“There are legitimate reasons to distinguish between the sexes in athletics, prisons or other detention facilities, domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, locker rooms, restrooms, and other areas where biology , security and/or privacy are involved.”

Some of the “legitimate reasons” provided include the “unique and immutable biological differences” of men and women, which lead to unequal physical competition and the need for separate “social, educational, athletic or other” spaces for sex to ensure safety and/or enable members of each sex to succeed and thrive.”

The definitions clarified in the order are to be used “in the promulgation of administrative rules, the enforcement of administrative decisions, and the resolution of disputes by administrative agencies, boards, and commissions, all agencies, boards, and commissions state”.

“Any public school or school district and any state agency, department, or office that collects vital statistics for the purpose of complying with antidiscrimination laws or for the purpose of gathering accurate public health, crime, economic, or other data shall identify each individual who is part of the data set collected as male or female at birth.”

The order became effective upon receiving the governor’s signature on August 30.

Defender of women’s sports Riley Gaines celebrated the news on X, formerly Twitter, saying he had “met with Governor Pillen” about the matter three days before the executive order was signed.

“That’s leadership,” Gaines wrote. “Thank you for implementing @IWV’s [Independent Women’s Voice] WBOR [Women’s Bill of Rights] and protecting nearly 1 million Nebraska women. The tide is turning.”

Gaines added that on the same day Pillen signed the order, “Nebraska has the highest-attended women’s sporting event in history.” Seconds on ESPN, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln women’s volleyball team drew 92,003 fans Wednesday, breaking the world record for the largest attendance at any women’s sporting event.

The executive order comes barely two weeks after a district court judge governed the state may enforce its ban on surgical gender-mutilation procedures for minors and the requirement that hormonal intervention be performed in accordance with regulations issued by the state’s chief medical officer, who was appointed by Pillen.

Pills originally signed Bill 574 in May. It also prohibits killing babies through abortion after 12 weeks. Republicans, including Pillen, had previously done so criticized Republican Senator Merv Riepe to reverse his initial support for language to ban abortion after a baby’s heartbeat is detected (usually around six weeks), leading to the eventual failure of greater protections for to the fetus


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