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NBC’s Chuck Todd wakes up Biden supporters with hard-hitting report on presidential corruption

NBC’s Chuck Todd wakes up Biden supporters with hard-hitting report on presidential corruption

NBC’s Chuck Todd woke up sleepy Biden supporters Sunday with a damning report on Meet the Press showing that President Joe Biden has lied about his son Hunter Biden’s corruption scandal.

Joe Biden met with Hunter Biden’s business associates at the White House, spoke with them on the phone at least twenty times (according to Devon Archer’s testimony), but has flatly denied that his son did anything wrong.

“President Biden’s handling of the case has raised questions at a time when voters already have doubts about his age and political standing,” Todd said. “Biden took his son to a state dinner just two days after the plea deal that has since collapsed was announced, and he has repeatedly defended his son’s complete denial of wrongdoing, all and that Hunter Biden himself has pleaded guilty.”

NBC then aired a montage of Biden denying that his son Hunter Biden had done anything wrong.

Meanwhile, on ABC News’ “This Week,” Jon Karl was clear that Joe Biden lied to Americans about Hunter Biden taking money from foreign actors.

Joe Biden said Hunter didn’t make money from China, but “now we see from Hunter’s own words that it’s not true. Some of this makes you worry: Ukraine’s money, China’s money, Russia’s money?”

Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin: Let’s talk about Trump

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) August 13, 2023

There are more signs that Joe Biden may be pushed aside in favor of a dark-horse candidate, such as Gavin Newsom or even Michelle Obama, if his administration continues to grow in unpopularity ahead of the election.

NBC recently cited Democrats’ concerns about Joe Biden’s growing scandals.

“It creates a Hillary email vibe again and creates a false equivalency between the very real attacks on American democracy that Trump committed and much lower things in this case that will muddy the waters for the 2024 election “, he said. Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Rich Thau, president of research firm Engagious, said voters have trouble keeping track of all the alleged scandals.

“Swing voters are already struggling to keep up with Trump’s dizzying impeachment numbers. Add Hunter Biden’s difficulties to the mix in 2024, and those voters may experience vertigo,” he said.

Meanwhile, Axios drew the ire of progressive readers by characterizing Joe Biden’s corruption allegations as part of a “scandal election.”

The 2024 presidential race has become the scandal election

— Axios (@axios) August 13, 2023

The two most likely finalists for the presidency in 2024, former President Trump and President Biden, will both be saddled with politically charged legal cases involving a trio of special counsels,” Axios reported.

“The appointment of Weiss in the Hunter Biden case means that the investigation, which appeared to be winding down until a proposed settlement fell apart last month, will drag on and eventually result in a legally required public report “, the report adds.

The tea leaves are there to read: Democrats would rather have anyone but Joe Biden lead the ticket, but they’d also rather have any Democrat than four more years of Donald Trump.


Joe Biden discussed Burisma with Hunter Biden associate before his infamous ultimatum to fire Ukrainian prosecutor

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