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NATO member, cluster bombs and White House coup Biden

NATO member, cluster bombs and White House coup Biden

So is fucking your sister-in-law, beating up prostitutes, and showering with your father.

A more appropriate representation of the “Biden White House” [from Appalachian Holler, 2018]

For the Bidens, it would be more appropriate for the White House to be a double-wide trailer sitting on a cinder block foundation with howling coon dogs under the front porch and an assortment of broken-down automobiles and refrigerators in the front yard.

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Isn’t it ironic how much more deplorable they are than the ‘deplorables’ they so detest?

This is why socioeconomic status is not an indicator of character, and this is why being deplorable has everything to do with character and nothing to do with being poor or white.

Even worse, Joe sold us out and stole the money to make up the difference.

Just ask Sam Bankman-Fried.

Just ask China.


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