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MTG is calling for a divorce – One America News Network

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OAN Shannon Kelland
1:08 PM PT – Monday, February 20, 2023

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green has suggested that the United States go through a “national divorce” on Presidents Day.

On Monday, Greene (R-Ga.) tweeted for President Joe Biden to be impeached and if not “give us a national divorce.” This was in response to Biden visiting Ukraine on Presidents day and in criticism of supporting Ukraine.

This is incredibly insulting.

Today on our President’s Day, Joe Biden, the President of the United States chose Ukraine over America, while forcing the American people to pay for Ukraine’s government and war.

I can not express how much Americans hate Joe Biden.

— Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸 (@RepMTG) February 20, 2023

She explains in her tweets that suggestion of a national divorce is not a suggestion of civil war but a desire to shrink the federal government.

We need a national divorce.

We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government.

Everyone I talk to says this.

From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat’s traitorous America Last policies, we are…

— Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸 (@mtgreenee) February 20, 2023

This comes as the president is receiving backlash for providing additional financial aid to Ukraine after visiting the nation’s capital.

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