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Most girls get unsolicited messages on social media

More than half of girls aged 11 to 15 use Instagram and Snapchat in the United States have been contacted by strangers in a way that made them feel uncomfortableaccording to report from Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization that reviews and provides ratings for media and technology to protect children.

In the meantime, as Anna Fleck of Statista reports, 48 percent of teenage girls in the U.S. said they had been sent unsolicited messages through a messaging app, with 46 percent contacted through TikTok and 30 percent through from TikTok. YouTube.

Infographic: Most Girls Get Unsolicited Messages On Social Media |  Statistics

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The report also reveals figures on how almost half (45%) of girls use Tik Tok they say they feel “addicted” to the platform or use it more than expected at least weekly.

In terms of the most “addictive” percentage, or the highest proportion of users who reported using it more than expected at least weekly, the order is as follows: Snapchat (37 percent), YouTube (34 percent), Instagram (33 percent) and then messaging apps (30 percent).

Perceptions among adolescent girls about how different features of social networks affect their well-being were diverse.

The two features most widely seen as having a negative impact were location sharing (45% said it was negative) and public accounts (33%).

Recommended videos (49%) and notification features (41%) were considered more positive overall.



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