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Money trail may expose Biden family cover-up

follow the money

It’s the first lesson in white-collar impeachment 101, but there are serious questions about whether David Weiss, the newly appointed “special prosecutor” in charge of the Hunter Biden corruption investigation, accomplished this simple task.

If Weiss fails, it could be a bigger crime than anything Donald Trump has ever done. In fact, white-collar lawyers tell me it suggests one of the biggest cover-ups since Watergate at the highest levels of the US government.

The most damaging things on Hunter’s laptop weren’t all those pictures of Hunter doing drugs and hanging out naked with prostitutes.

Instead, it is the paper trail of his multiple business entities that served as vehicles for his influence peddling with shady foreign partners.

Hunter made a lot of money representing himself to these people as an expert on oil or whatever else he was promoting.

As we all know, his real value was his last name and access to one of the most powerful people in the world, his father, Sleepy Joe Biden.

It should be a prosecutor’s wet dream: The target, an awkward son of a big-name politician, is using a series of suspicious outfits and billionaires and taking bundles of cash from China, Ukraine and Russia. and God knows where else.

A federal judge in Delaware dismissed the tax felony charges against first son Hunter Biden.

The sordid mess caught the attention of the FBI after the target’s laptop was turned over to the feds.

Joe Biden, Obama’s vice president at the time, was investigating corruption in Ukraine, while Hunter worked with the Ukrainian oil company Burisma, itself investigated for bribery.

The target’s emails suggest he has to pay his old man, aka the “Big Guy,” when the deals are made.

Meanwhile, banks are always suspicious of money being laundered and/or used in nefarious schemes.

In this case, the target’s activities left a paper trail miles long because he’s paying a lot of money.

Transactions over $10,000, especially those with overseas entities, are closely monitored by major banks under a variety of laws.

Suspicious deal

But the upshot of all this is this: a weird, convenient deal offered by Weiss in which Hunter pleads guilty to not paying his taxes for two years, presumably while high on coke.

He’s also guilty of weapons charges because what self-respecting coke with a hooker habit would be without an illegal firearm?

Suspicious? You are not alone. For the record, I pretty much stayed out of the Hunter circus because I cover finance and banking.

But last week I was told by several of my sources that this is a huge banking story.

Maybe Weiss did the work on the banks and found nothing. But every high-level white-collar lawyer I spoke to (some of them former prosecutors) told me they doubted Weiss even took the basic steps to track down Hunter’s money because the the end result was so lame.

That means subpoenaing the bank records, between the first son and the monsters around the world, and, since it’s there, taking a look at the president’s bank records as well for bribes about possible influence peddling.

As one source told me: “Every bank in America knows where the money comes from and where it goes. From what we’ve seen, it doesn’t appear that Weiss has subpoenaed Hunter or the president’s bank records. If the ‘U.S. attorney who has been looking at this for years doesn’t know the sources of the money, which is unbelievable because the banks have this information at their fingertips.’

Hunter and Joe Biden
Joe Biden appears to have been more involved in Hunter Biden’s business than he has claimed.

Why did Weiss lay down for the Bidens? good question

He was appointed US Attorney for Delaware (the Bidens’ home state) by Trump. Again, he now he works for Joe Biden’s attorney generalMerrick Garland.

And the DC swamp makes for some strange bedfellows. Remember, former Trump-hating FBI Director James Comey was once a Republican, and may still be a Republican for all I know.

So, I called Weiss to ask if he ever looked at the trail of Biden’s money being held in banks.

No answer

Fortunately, his bad deal was recently rejected by a federal judge who also found it suspiciously lame.

Unfortunately, Garland recently gave Weiss a second chance as a “special prosecutor” to investigate things he presumably couldn’t or didn’t do during his four-year investigation.

Fortunately, again, the GOP took the House in the midterms and an Oversight Committee investigation led by MP James Comer has come up with all sorts of interesting stuffincluding Joe Biden’s apparently more than casual relationship with Hunter’s shady business.

According to testimony provided by Devon Archer, a former colleague of Hunter’s, Joe Biden appeared to have lied about not knowing what Hunter did for a living; he was on the phone with some of those foreign guys Hunter was after millions of dollars.

Maybe our president has forgotten about all those calls. Either way, it’s not a great look.

But who needs the memory of the events of Sleepy Joe when you have bank records? Comer plans to subpoena them, too, from both Hunter and the president, he says.

Maybe we finally find out what Inspector Clouseau of the Department of Justice missed or chose to ignore.


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