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Model Especial surpasses Bud Light as America’s best seller

Modelo Especial has secured the title of America’s best-selling beer, dethroning Bud Light from its long-held position. The change in popularity comes as a result of changing trends and a number of factors that changed consumer preferences.

According to recently released NIQ data, Modelo’s grocery and beer sales have surpassed Bud Light’s throughout 2023. This is the first time Modelo has surpassed Bud Light since the year. Competition for the top spot has been intense, with Modelo taking the lead with an 8.34% share of beer dollars spent, compared to Bud Light’s 8.28%, as of August 12.

Modelo’s rise is a significant event, given Bud Light’s hold on the top-selling beer position for a substantial part of the past two decades. This year’s summer season has been particularly favorable for Mexican beer, with Modelo surpassing Bud Light in monthly sales for May, June and July. The past four weeks have seen Modelo hold a 9.1% share, while Bud Light has dropped to a 7% share of off-premise beer sales.

Benj Steinman, president of Beer Marketer’s Insights, commented, “Modelo’s move to the top seemed inevitable for at least the past few months, but the timeline accelerated since Bud Light’s trends took a sharp turn for the worse in April. And it happened a lot faster than most people expected.”

Still, there’s some optimism for Bud Light. Recent data indicates a “material improvement” for the brand, with volumes down 26.7%, a slight improvement on the around -30% drop experienced by the brand in previous months. While the situation is fluid, the signs of recovery are encouraging for Bud Light.

Modelo, distributed by Constellation Brands, saw an 11% sales increase in its second-quarter earnings, attributed to its beer business, which also includes the popular Corona brand. As Greg Gallagher, Constellation’s vice president of brand marketing, commented, Modelo aims to expand its influence beyond Hispanic drinkers by catering to a diverse demographic.

The landscape of the beer industry has changed considerably, driven in part by Bud Light’s marketing decisions, which caused backlash and alienation among certain segments of consumers. Anheuser-Busch reported a 10% drop in US revenue due to falling sales of its flagship brand. The transformation of the beer market underscores the importance of maintaining a sensitive and inclusive approach to appeal to evolving consumer sentiments.

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