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Mitt Romney, king of the human centipede

If you delve into the sewers of social media, you’ll see a wave of nausea-inducing sentimental language about Mitt Romney, who just announced he’s retiring from politics. He is a good man! He is one truth conservative! It’s so wonderful decent! Meanwhile, with a remarkable moment, The Atlantic elevate the man at the top of the alleged statesmanship, in a profile that casually frames Romney’s disagreements with other politicians like this one:

Mitt Romney is so good, decent, honest man who instinctively and reliably knows in his heart that all doubts and questions about pharmaceuticals are insane conspiracy theories, and Hunter Biden’s “Ukraine business dealings” are certainly beyond reproach. Pfizer would never do that tell a liecrazy nazi!

That’s why Mitt Romney is celebrated today: his theatrical performance of responsible and generalized behavior it’s impenetrably obtuse, which makes it good. If it’s the narrative, Mitt says it. His lips always match the favorite noise. He’s a gullible idiot, so he’s loved. For pickpockets

If you believe, if you are inclined for a moment a kind of maybe believefor a tiny split second: That Mitt Romney is a “true conservative” in a Nazi-infested capital MAGA, take a few minutes to watch Romney argue with Rand Paul about the government’s efforts to get social media companies to remove publications and users of its websites. Akshullyexplains Mitt, there’s nothing wrong with government officials telling private corporations what content to remove, because government officials have First Amendment rights, so it’s not really censorship for the government to say in corporations what speech should and should not be allowed.

Mitt Romney is a statist to the bone, a casual authoritarian whose performance of pearl-clutching about “Trump’s authoritarianism” serves as narrative cover for the never-ending march of real authoritarianism. Their interest in human freedom is consistently hovering around zero.

This man embodies the American problem, and he is celebrated. repulsive


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