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Mitt Romney Hands Over Hundreds Of Private Emails And Texts To Liberal Writer

Mitt Romney Hands Over Hundreds Of Private Emails And Texts To Liberal Writer

Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential candidate, recently handed over hundreds of private emails and text messages to a liberal writer. The move is part of an effort to provide greater transparency into the inner workings of his presidential campaign.

The emails and texts were handed over to Joshua Green, a senior national correspondent for Bloomberg Businessweek, who is writing a book about Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. In a statement, Romney said that he wanted to provide a more complete picture of his campaign and the decisions he made during the race.

“I believe that the public has a right to know the facts about how I conducted my campaign and how I made decisions,” Romney said. “I am confident that the emails and texts will provide an accurate and comprehensive account of the campaign.”

The emails and texts are believed to include messages from Romney’s top aides, as well as from other members of his inner circle. It is unclear what information they contain, but they could provide insight into the inner workings of the campaign and how Romney made decisions during the race.

Romney’s decision to hand over the emails and texts is a departure from his normal practice. During his 2012 campaign, Romney was criticized for being secretive and avoiding questions from the press. By releasing the emails and texts, Romney is attempting to show that he is now more open and willing to answer questions about his campaign.

The emails and texts will likely be used by Green as part of his book on the 2012 presidential election. It is expected to be released in the fall of 2014.

The release of the emails and texts has been met with both praise and criticism. Supporters of Romney praise the move as a sign of transparency and openness, while critics argue that it is an attempt to distract from his record as governor of Massachusetts and as a presidential candidate.

In any case, the emails and texts are sure to provide an interesting look into the inner workings of Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. It will be interesting to see what information they contain and how they will be used in Green’s book.

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