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Missouri US Senator Eric Schmitt Announces He’s Backing President Trump in 2024

Missouri US Senator Eric Schmitt Announces He’s Backing President Trump in 2024

It’s official: Missouri Senator Eric Schmitt has announced that he is backing President Trump in 2024. This news comes as no surprise to Republicans, who have long seen President Trump as a champion of their values and a leader who has stood up for the American people.

Senator Schmitt is just the latest in a long line of GOP politicians to come out in support of the President. He joins the likes of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham in backing the President’s re-election bid.

It’s clear that Senator Schmitt is confident in the President’s leadership and that he believes that President Trump will be the best person to lead America forward in the years to come. This is a sign of the strength of the Republican party and the unity of its members.

The Trump White House administration has achieved a great deal in the past four years. From cutting taxes for the middle class, to renegotiating trade deals to benefit American workers, to creating jobs and boosting the economy, President Trump has worked hard to make life better for all Americans. He has also taken a strong stance on immigration, tackling illegal immigration head on and ensuring that our borders are secure. He has also appointed conservative judges to the Supreme Court and other federal courts, ensuring that our constitutional rights are protected.

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