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Migrants Filmed Climbing OVER Border Wall | Ben Bergquam Gives Update On Overrun Southern Border

Migrants Filmed Climbing OVER Border Wall | Ben Bergquam Gives Update On Overrun Southern Border

Title: Migrants Filmed Climbing OVER Border Wall | Ben Bergquam Gives Update On Overrun Southern Border


The ongoing issue of illegal immigration and border security continues to fuel debates in the United States. Recent footage captures migrants successfully scaling the border wall, further highlighting the challenges faced at the southern border. In response to this concerning development, Ben Bergquam, a political commentator and journalist, sheds light on the situation and provides updates on the overrun southern border.

Increasing Desperation

Migrants from various Central American countries, including Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, have been fleeing violence, poverty, and political instability in hope of finding a better life on American soil. The increasing desperation has led them to take extreme measures, resorting to irregular entry methods, including scaling the border walls.

Migrants Scaling the Border Wall

Recently, footage emerged depicting migrants defying border security by climbing over the very walls constructed to deter such attempts. These images, captured at different sections of the border, including Arizona and California, depict the growing audacity of migrants determined to cross into the United States.

Update from Ben Bergquam

Ben Bergquam, an advocate for border security and immigration reform, has been tracking the situation at the southern border. He highlights the alarming nature of the recent footage, emphasizing the importance of securing the border to prevent illegal entry.

According to Bergquam, the incidents of migrants climbing over the border walls are becoming more frequent, leading to concerns about the effectiveness of border security measures. He believes that this highlights the urgent need to reinforce the existing wall structures and develop additional security measures to thwart illegal entry attempts.

The Overrun Southern Border

Bergquam further discusses the state of the border, asserting that the surge in illegal crossings can be partially attributed to the current administration’s policies and rhetoric on immigration. He argues that the lack of deterrence due to the rollback of certain policies has emboldened migrants to attempt unlawful entry in larger numbers.

According to Bergquam, the border patrol agents are overwhelmed by the influx of individuals attempting to cross the border illegally. Resources and manpower are stretched thin, hampering their ability to effectively address security concerns.

Call for Comprehensive Border Solutions

Bergquam implores policymakers to prioritize national security and public safety by implementing comprehensive border solutions. He suggests prioritizing the completion of the border wall, enhancing surveillance technology, increasing border patrol resources, and reinforcing cooperation with the countries from which migrants originate.


The recent footage of migrants scaling the border wall serves as a potent reminder of the ongoing challenges faced at the southern border. As narratives surrounding immigration remain a contentious issue, the focus should shift towards formulating practical solutions that prioritize border security while addressing the root causes of migration.

Ben Bergquam’s insights shed light on the urgent need for comprehensive immigration reform. Securing the border and finding a balance between humanitarian aid and national security measures remain key priorities. Only through a holistic approach can the United States navigate the complexities of the border crisis and address the concerns of all stakeholders involved.

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