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Miami hostage situation: Gunman arrested captain, others aboard yacht after dispute

Miami hostage situation: Gunman arrested captain, others aboard yacht after dispute

Several police officers responded to the scene of a hostage situation as a man armed with a gun held a boat captain along with approximately 18 people on a yacht in Miami, Florida.

According to Miami police, they are investigating a possible robbery that may have occurred on board. The police have reported the end of the confrontation, with the 18 occupants on board the boat arrested.

The hostage situation took place on a yacht near the Fountaineblue Hotel, a popular luxury resort in Miami. Around 10:00 pm Sunday, 7News cameras captured a heavy police presence in the vicinity of Southwest North River Drive and Second Street near The Wharf Miami. Several City of Miami police cruisers were observed parked in the area with their emergency lights activated.

According to the yacht’s owner, the boat was chartered earlier in the day, accommodating a group of approximately 13 to 17 people. On the scheduled return to the dock, the people who had chartered the yacht initially paid the fee. However, there was a worrying turn of events when a gunman held the ship’s captain at gunpoint, demanding the return of the payment.

Fortunately, there were no reported injuries during this distressing incident. The owner of the boat claimed that another crew member managed to discreetly call for help by sending a text message from his mobile phone.

It is imperative to clarify that nearby The Wharf Miami is in no way connected to the incident, although the yacht is currently docked near the venue.

As part of their ongoing investigation, police officers were seen getting on and off the yacht. In one case, it appeared that one person was arrested, although law enforcement authorities have yet to provide official confirmation of this event. Authorities are still analyzing the situation as they work to uncover more details.

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