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Mexico Just Seized An American Company – Biden Oblivious

Mexico Just Seized An American Company – Biden Oblivious

Recently, Mexico has made a bold move by seizing an American-owned company. Despite this significant event, the Biden administration seems to be in the dark – oblivious to the political and economic implications of this seizure.

The company in question is Deer Park Refining, the second-largest American oil refinery in the United States. The Mexican government took over the refinery after its previous owners violated environmental regulations. This move by the Mexican government is seen as controversial and may lead to a strain in the already complicated relationship between the two countries.

Interestingly, this seizure came less than a month after President Biden lifted the ban on oil and gas drilling in federal land, which has caused uproar from environmentalists. The majority of Republicans have argued that the lift on the drilling ban would make the United States reliant on foreign oil.

Moreover, this seizure comes as Mexico suffers from an acute gasoline shortage, and the government desperately looks to build and strengthen its energy infrastructure. The Mexican president’s motivations for taking over the refinery are therefore not entirely driven by environmental concerns.

The Biden administration’s silence on this issue is raising eyebrows, especially from those who feel that the Mexican government is overstepping its boundaries. The lack of public condemnation by the US administration could lead to the perception that America is not doing enough to prevent Mexico from walking over it.

Furthermore, the seizure of an American-owned company by Mexico could negatively influence American businesses that may now be hesitant to invest in Mexico, fearing that they may suffer the same fate.

The situation with Deer Park Refining illustrates the need for open and honest communication between the United States and Mexico in resolving any disputes. It is necessary for President Biden and his administration to address this issue openly and transparently, both for the sake of diplomacy between the two countries and for American businesses investing in Mexico.

All in all, the silence of the Biden administration on this topic is concerning. It is imperative that the United States maintains a strong stance on property rights, rather than subjecting themselves to what may be considered aggressive behavior by the Mexican government. Only time will tell what the ultimate outcome of this case will be.

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