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Meta pays $800 for allegedly independent fact-checking from Australia |

Those who doubt that “fact checking” is an industry built around the Internet censorship push that has occurred in recent years may be persuaded otherwise by information that emerged from a lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed by Australia-based journalist and commentator Avi Yemini, and reveals the amount of money that changes hands between Facebook (Meta) and its notorious “fact checkers” whose purpose is supposedly to eliminate “disinformation”. And who are supposed to be “independent”.

However, these efforts, disturbingly, often end in simple censorship of “disadvantaged” opinion on political and social issues.

And while Yemini eventually had to withdraw his lawsuit to avoid costs he was unwilling or unable to pay, the legal process while underway produced some interesting findings, including the true nature of some of the alleged “fact checkers “. financial independence of Big Tech.
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