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Melodrama, Misgivings & Missed Promises

Melodrama, Misgivings & Missed Promises

Modern melodramas are dramatic works involving sensationalized plots that elicit strong emotional appeal over detailed characterization. Melodramas focus on bombastic and excessive sentiment to exaggerate emotions held by stereotypical characters with interpersonal conflicts. Sound familiar?

Note: This article was begun around the end of July, and between then and publication, President Trump was indicted in the January 6th Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation.

A modern melodrama is absolutely what the US House of Representatives has become in recent years, and this is certainly the case under the leadership of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

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Milquetoast McCarthy’s reign over the US House melodrama is riddled with misgivings about who McCarthy, the political animal, really is and who or what is behind him.

The answer to that last part is the keystone of understanding: the intelligence community.

Like a bur under our saddle, McCarthy’s tenure as Speaker of the House is aggravated by a list of missed promises on what matters most to Americans.

Nancy Pelosi was free to run what she considered her House – not the People’s House – as she saw fit, and she did this expressly to the detriment of America.

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Pelosi was not, however, free from the restraints placed upon her by the intelligence community and the string pullers lurking in the backdrop shadows of a broken and compromised American government.

In that way, Pelosi and McCarthy are no different, and where it’s emblematic of the two-sided ‘Uniparty’ coin that people mistakenly refer to as the ‘two-party system.’

In and beneath the deep, murky and treacherous waters of the federal apparatus, the establishment has guardrails around every corner and gatekeepers at every port of entry.

Those guardrails and gatekeepers fall under the auspices of the intelligence community.

In succession of Pelosi, the gatekeepers were never going to permit an off-reservation individual to occupy the Speaker’s seat and this is especially so for any genuine and ardent supporter of President Donald J. Trump.

Enter establishment functionary Milquetoast McCarthy and the illusions of the rule of law, democracy and representation that follow him.

It’s maddening to think that somehow a segment of America actually believed that Kevin “Milquetoast” McCarthy was going to somehow be different than all the rest; that he would be a saving grace to return a failed system back to more ordinary governance and the rule of law.

To the contrary, McCarthy’s messy, controversial and entangled ascension to House Speaker is emblematic of the intelligence community’s mind hold on the American people.

The weaponized propaganda produced by a pervasive ‘perception management’ [psyops] construct yanks the people around like a disobedient dog on a leash.

People like Milquetoast McCarthy are leash ‘yankers’ placed by the intelligence community.

The melodrama surrounding McCarthy’s ascension to the Speaker’s chair was as contrived and ridiculous as the 15 votes that it took him to get there.

The melodrama remains unrelenting and I will tell you that it’s by design as McCarthy is merely an establishment pawn playing the role of producer and forging ahead with his own brand of House kabuki theater.

Of course, McCarthy’s production must strictly adhere to the script written by the intelligence community, et al; and any off-reservation messaging or actions are sure to be instantly rebuked.

Most recently, we have seen McCarthy’s brand of House melodrama play-out extensively in hearings on the House floor; sans those details in the name of brevity.

The menu for the hearings was mouthwatering for MAGA: weaponization of government, the Bidens, China, Ukraine, corruption, crime, enterprise fraud, money laundering and more.

Recall these crucial facts, though, because at best:

1-the House can only issue a criminal referral to the Department of Justice led by compromised and corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland
2-DOJ can decline to prosecute [prosecutorial discretion] or broker deals or cover-up with the appointment of a Special Counsel to be dragged-out well past 2024
3-impeachment is a dead end because the trial venue is the Democratically controlled Senate and
4-VP Kamala Harris is the impeachment tiebreaker as the President of the US Senate

For McCarthy’s House, what is left after establishing the above fact set?

What remains is a melodrama; kabuki theater; the Roman circus; the bluster behind the truth but no action towards it.

Milquetoast McCarthy’s cinematic House production was never designed to keep the full slate of missed promises that matter most.

Yes, Kevin McCarthy laid-out his ‘Commitment to America‘ delineating myriad promises to the American people; see for yourself:

Those things are important; don’t get me wrong, but they won’t matter until the root causes have been addressed and that requires cleaning house, which includes the Executive, the House, the Senate, the Senior Executive Services, unelected bureaucrats and more.

McCarthy’s commitment even includes a video of his drama-laden preamble:

“The commitment to America represents a new direction that will get our nation back on track. We can no longer afford business as usual,” says McCarthy’s preamble and it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In preparation for writing this piece and before ever hearing McCarthy’s preamble, an ongoing dialogue with regular Moonshine contributor “Wall St.” included these repeated old positions assuming that McCarthy is an establishment pawn and far from the Speaker America needs: “[McCarthy’s] job is to give the illusion that something is being done when it’s [really just] business as usual.”

I’ve reiterated that sentiment in several articles.

It’s telling that an informed, well-researched and thoroughly evidenced position on McCarthy would include the exact same choice of language as found in his preamble but in the completely wrong application – “business as usual.”

The evidence of Milquetoast McCarthy has been reliably established on a relatively long timeline.

In an article written on 04 Nov 22 just before the midterms, I laid-out three potential election outcomes including [emphasis added],

The Democrats maneuver to steal just enough of the right elections in some of the right locations so as to cling to those offices while politicians from the other side of the coin give the illusion of a change but allow the political class to preserve its power. Therein Republicans would actually be stepping-in for their colleagues to maintain this power through duplicity and lies. This would result in a new Speaker of the House, who Newt Gingrich has projected to be Kevin McCarthy. Kevin McCarthy stands to be Nancy Pelosi Lite and the illusion of change occurs at a veneer level but in reality, it will be business as usual but decorated to appear otherwise. McCarthy was positioned to help Trump in 2020 and did not. Who really thinks that leopard is going to change his spots in 2022? Not anyone with a modicum of common sense; that’s for sure. A very real chance exists that this is what we will see if the Democrats are not so brazen as to steal it all for themselves.”

Political Moonshine

In mid-December 2022, I issued another warning about McCarthy and President Donald Trump’s problematic endorsement of him; including taking Mr. Trump to task on it:

Trump’s endorsement of McCarthy leaves me slack-jawed.

I have no explanation for Trump’s endorsement of McCarthy outside of some wild, implausible and elaborate plan that somehow McCarthy is going to come through this time after sinking Trump’s ship in the Sea of Treason last time. That and he’s the least malodorous turd in the punch bowl as Trump and others proclaim.

Why would Trump do this? Why is he acquiescing to and endorsing the swamp? Who pets the same dog twice after getting bitten the first time; much less the same gator?

This decision is an enormous mistake on Trump’s part and it’s emblematic of his failure to “drain the swamp” over the course of four years that is now going on eight; rather letting the swamp rid itself of him. I hope that statement is in error but I’m afraid it is not.

Political Moonshine

Trump knows, though, and it’s apparent in his remarks at the time concerning McCarthy [emphasis added],

“I think it’s a very dangerous game that’s being played. It’s a very dangerous game. Some bad things could happen…Now, I’m friendly with a lot of those people who are against Kevin. I think almost every one of them are very much inclined toward Trump, and me toward them. But I have to tell them, and I have told them, you’re playing a very dangerous game…You could end up with the worse situation. I don’t even want to say what it is, but I could tell you it’s a worse situation. You could end up with some very bad situations.”

President Donald Trump on Kevin McCarthy becoming House Speaker

Even for those with the most clouded vision, by June of this year and resulting from his impeachment impotenceit was crystal clear who Milquetoast McCarthy really was: confirmed Nancy Pelosi Lite.

Long before Kevin McCarthy became House Speaker, it was painfully obvious who he was and therefore, any and all expectations for a McCarthy led House must be calibrated accordingly.

This will cause substantial revisions for many.

McCarthy’s melodrama is severely aggravated by two things; one leading to the other: 1-A Grand Old Party that’s anything but grand or conservative and which is sandbagged by old ideas and RINOs that directly contribute to 2-the political reality of the ‘Uniparty’ and the devastation it has delivered to all of us.

The two-party system is an illusion just like voting, democracy, freedom, justice and the rule of law.

The House goes as goes House leadership and under McCarthy’s, just considering impeachment for Biden and Garland has caused infighting and deadlock in the GOP.

Whereas “Republicans” from this so-called Grand Old Party actually voted to impeach President Trump on cooked-up and fraudulent charges, they can’t seem to unite and impeach an imposter in the Executive that has sold the entire population out to China or his thug AG who only engages in prosecuting Biden’s political opposition.

Yes, impeachment would be fruitless for the reasons given but it’s an important step that must be taken for optics important to the Republic and the rule of law.

Before Donald J. Trump’s fraudulent removal from office, McCarthy refused to come to the side of the embattled president who was wrongly targeted by literally almost everyone else.

Ergo, judge a man by his actions and judge McCarthy I did.

Those actions include missed promises that stand to get to the aforementioned and critical root causes represented by stones yet upturned.

They are stones that Milquetoast McCarthy doesn’t have the stones to examine.

The Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation orchestrated by Pelosi forever changed the course of America.

In his position as House Speaker, McCarthy maintains the authority and evidence to undo the entire Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation including making public all of the relevant surveillance footage from one of the most secure buildings on the planet.

Not coincidentally, a tardy Tucker Carlson was removed from the air shortly after going down this road in incomplete fashion.

What happened, Milquetoast?

Where’s that video evidence?

Why are entrapped Americans sitting in an Amerikan gulag, Milquetoast, because we’re on your watch now?

Just like voting, democracy, freedom, justice and the rule of law are illusions, so are Milquetoast McCarthy’s fidelity and allegiance to a rightful and removed sitting president and to the American people.

Milquetoast is a gatekeeper and Trump must remain on the outside looking in.

The rest of it is House Kabuki theater and rest assured that the ending of this performance will be just like all the others.

In light of it all, I have 10 Questions for Milquetoast:

1-Where is all of the January 6th surveillance footage?
2-Where is Michael Atkinson’s ‘Russiagate’ House testimony?
3-Where is the impeachment of Biden, despite it being effectively procedural?
4-Where is the impeachment of AG Merrick Garland, despite it being effectively procedural?
5-Why haven’t Trump’s impeachments been expunged before August as per your promise?
6-Why did you state that Trump wasn’t the best 2024 nominee despite his endorsement of you?
7-Why did you counter your embattled election for Speaker with, “I’m ready to fund an endless war?”
8-Why did you call for Trump’s resignation in leaked comments to Liz Cheney?
9-Why did you place the blame for the Capitol “insurrection” on President Trump?
10-Examining Mr. Trump’s remarks below, do you believe your own words about January 6th?


Now that President Trump has been indicted over the stolen 2020 election and the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation, the importance of Milquetoast McCarthy’s House authority and oversight bears down with great might.

So, where is Milquetoast?

Milquetoast McCarthy’s negligence in directly declining to confront the list of topics presented in my list of questions is highly revealing and with significant ramifications.

Those ramifications are easily explained in this series of graphic illustrations:

The stolen 2020 election is compounded and aggravated by the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation that envelops Milquetoast McCarthy as Speaker of the House and the consequences are monumental as I stated yesterday:

With Trump’s latest indictment, the stolen 2020 election is now being formerly litigated by the US Department of Justice.

As a result, DOJ inherits the comfort of refraining from remarking on ongoing litigation as per its standing policy.

This means DOJ doesn’t have to discuss the 2020 election until Trump’s prosecution ends, which will not be until after 2024.

This occurs as election thieves prepare to steal 2024 with most of the theft mechanisms still in place.

How convenient.

Something to think about.

Political Moonshine

Indeed, it’s business as usual.

In response to the latest Trump indictment, McCarthy defended the former president indicating that the indictment was politically driven.

McCarthy went as far as comparing the matter to Hillary Clinton’s similar rhetoric over the 2016 election remembering that Clinton lost the electoral vote while winning the popular vote.

You shouldn’t be prosecuted for your thoughts and the difference here is when Hillary Clinton said it, nothing happened. When they said it in Georgia’s election, nothing happened to them either.

You know what, when the DNC said it, nothing happened to them either. So stop using government to go after people who politically disagree with you. That is wrong and that should stop now.

Kevin McCarthy on 03 Aug 23

McCarthy went on to say that although House investigations exist, he will do nothing to expedite them prior to the 2024 election and that there is nothing in the way of an official impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden [or Merrick Garland.]

Milquetoast McCarthy is acting in his own production of House kabuki theater.

McCarthy holds all the cards that can bring down this charade in the world’s deadliest poker game.

Milquetoast will do nothing about it, though; and the intelligence community with the help from Merrick Garland’s DOJ will see to that.

All McCarthy can do is roll-out impeachment efforts guaranteed to be fruitless and make criminal referrals to a corrupt and criminal DOJ that leverages prosecutorial discretion and two-tiered justice in weaponized form.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration will refer us to the Department of Justice and the Department of Justice will refrain from commenting on ongoing litigation.

That is how it will go.

They call this transparency, democracy and the rule of law.

What it really is is a House melodrama production of kabuki theater that is replete with misgivings and missed promises; and not much different than Pelosi’s production.

Milquetoast McCarthy’s melodrama has a forgone ending and we all know what it is: GET TRUMP OUT.

Prove me wrong, Milquetoast.

Put up or shut up.

One more question, Milquetoast: Are you still down to be impeached for missing on your promises as you promised at the time of your [s]election?

I ask because a theater of about 100 million cares to know.

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