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Megyn Kelly Unleashes Fury on US Women’s Soccer Team for What It Did During National Anthem

Megyn Kelly Unleashes Fury on US Women’s Soccer Team for What It Did During National Anthem

Title: Megyn Kelly Unleashes Fury on US Women’s Soccer Team for What It Did During National Anthem


The US Women’s Soccer Team has found itself at the center of controversy once again, this time due to its actions during the national anthem. In recent weeks, prominent media personality Megyn Kelly voiced her strong disapproval over the team’s behavior, accusing them of disrespecting the symbol that represents the united spirit of the nation. Let’s delve into the details of the incident and Megyn Kelly’s fiery response.

The National Anthem Incident

During a recent international match, as the national anthem played, several members of the US Women’s Soccer Team opted to kneel rather than stand. This display of dissent during the anthem mirrors the actions of other athletes across different sports who have sought to draw attention to social and racial injustices. The gesture, popularized by NFL star Colin Kaepernick in 2016, has been met with mixed responses.

Megyn Kelly’s Reaction

Megyn Kelly, a renowned American journalist and political commentator, took to social media to express her outrage over the team’s actions. She noted that while individuals have the right to express their opinions, the national anthem is a symbolic moment in which unity and reverence should prevail. Kelly criticized the team for choosing this moment to make a political statement, arguing that there are more appropriate platforms to address the issues they want to highlight.

Kelly further emphasized the importance of respecting the nation’s flag and anthem, highlighting their significance in symbolizing the sacrifices made by countless Americans throughout history. She maintained that disrespecting these symbols alienates a significant portion of the population, undermining the unity necessary to tackle pressing social issues.

The Debate

The US Women’s Soccer Team’s actions during the national anthem have ignited a heated and divisive national debate. Supporters argue that freedom of expression is a fundamental right that should be exercised even during such symbolic moments. They argue that the players are using their platform to raise awareness and advocate for change, promoting discussions on sensitive issues.

On the other hand, opponents, including Megyn Kelly, argue that actions during the anthem can be misinterpreted as a lack of respect towards the nation itself, rather than focusing on the issue at hand. They maintain that exploring alternative avenues for change would be more effective in engaging all sections of society, avoiding polarization, and ultimately achieving the desired progress.


The US Women’s Soccer Team’s decision to kneel during the national anthem has not only sparked outrage among critics but has ignited a broader debate about the role of athletes and their actions during patriotic rituals. While some argue that dissent during the anthem is a legitimate expression of freedom of speech, others, like Megyn Kelly, assert that such gestures can deepen societal divisions and detract from the crucial message athletes hope to convey.

In the end, the controversy surrounding the US Women’s Soccer Team’s actions during the national anthem underscores the ongoing struggle for balance between freedom of expression and respect for national symbols. As the nation grapples with various societal challenges, finding common ground and constructive dialogue can prove instrumental in effecting meaningful change while ensuring unity.

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