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Megyn Kelly Slams Drew Barrymore for Kneeling to the Mob – ‘Woke, Weak, White Woman’

Megyn Kelly Slams Drew Barrymore for Kneeling to the Mob – ‘Woke, Weak, White Woman’

Megyn Kelly, a former Fox News and NBC journalist, has come under fire for her recent comments about Drew Barrymore. Kelly slammed the Hollywood actress for “kneeling to the mob” and being a “woke, weak, white woman.”

The controversy began when Barrymore posted a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a shirt that said “I [heart] NY” with an image of a raised fist, a symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement. The photo was captioned with the hashtag #blacklivesmatter and a message of solidarity with the movement.

While many of Barrymore’s fans applauded her for using her platform to speak out against racial injustice, Kelly took a different stance. In a now-deleted tweet, Kelly wrote, “So let me get this straight, Drew Barrymore is kneeling to the mob by posting this? Woke, weak, white woman.”

Kelly’s comments sparked a backlash from many people, who accused her of being racist and tone-deaf. Some pointed out that Barrymore’s post was a simple gesture of support for a movement that is fighting for racial equality, and that Kelly’s comments were dismissive of the cause.

This is not the first time that Kelly has been accused of making racially insensitive comments. In 2018, she faced backlash for defending the use of blackface in Halloween costumes, saying that “it wasn’t racist” when she was a child. She later apologized for her comments.

The controversy surrounding Kelly’s comments about Barrymore highlights the ongoing debate about the role of public figures in promoting social justice causes. While some argue that celebrities have a responsibility to use their platforms to speak out against injustice, others believe that they should stay out of politics and stick to entertainment.

Regardless of where one stands on this issue, it is clear that racial injustice is an urgent and pressing problem that requires attention and action from all sectors of society. As Drew Barrymore herself put it in her Instagram post, “we can all do better.” The question is whether or not people like Megyn Kelly will join the fight.

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