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Male teenager ‘raped for hours’ on subway platform by Afghan migrant

A teenager was reportedly “raped for hours” and robbed on a subway platform in Germany by a suspect from Afghanistan.

The shocking incident unfolded around 1am on Saturday morning in Munich.

An 18-year-old man, very drunk, was returning home after a party when he was attacked by a man on a platform at the Max-Weber-Platz metro station.

The attacker “took advantage of the fact that the victim was too drunk to defend himself” and “carried out ‘sexual acts against him’ for several hours.” IMAGE reports, citing police.

After the long assault, the suspect stole the victim’s cell phone and fled the scene.

The next day, the victim reported the rape to the police.

Authorities were able to locate and arrest the suspect by tracking the cell phone.

He was identified as a 20-year-old Afghan who currently resides in Munich.

Authorities say the entire episode was caught on surveillance cameras and an investigation is underway.

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