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Lukewarm virus panic and tired mask advice return to US media as CDC prepares to recommend annual Covid vaccinations for no reason

Addicen Bauer, graduate in American studies at Wellesley College and aspiring to explain the virus blackboard.

It will never stop.

Addicen Bauer, a literal college student who still knows nothing, is somehow allowed to write for the wretched online news magazine. blackboard, wants you to worry that “Hospitalizations for COVID are on the rise” and asks if the country is “on the rise.”

Under the heading of panic we find that nothing is happening. In fact, there is no “surge”. Infections have a slightly upward trend. Hospitalizations have increased in some regions from very low to just fairly low.

However, Bauer is concerned:

[E]Even a small increase in cases and hospitalizations means more people have the disease, which isn’t great. [Virus-crazed medical journalist who will say anything Céline] Gounder and [Boston physician Jeremy] Faust [who “diagnosed a few more patients with COVID than usual so far this week”] both noted that the elderly and immunocompromised have been at greater risk of hospitalization during the pandemic, and this remains true.

I don’t know how to break it to our senior”guidance mentor,” but the elderly and immunocompromised “have been at greater risk of hospitalization” or its equivalent since the beginning of time, long before SARS-2 was even a twinkle in Ralph Baric’s eye.

A bit of caution, given the rise in cases, may be prudent even if you’re okay with your COVID. [Egregious virus clown Bob] Wachter recommends “keeping a mask with you and when you’re in a crowded, indoor, poorly ventilated space, putting it on”—it’s the “most performance that would make the difference.” Protecting yourself and your community against COVID is not all or nothing. And, as always, vaccines (and boosters!) prevent us from getting serious infections.

This is, of course, all about vaccines:

Wachter told me that integrating an annual COVID booster into our fall flu shot season appears to be the way we’re headed. When you get your flu shot this fall, get your COVID shot too. The updated booster will be released in early October. People over 60 and immunocompromised people will also get new RSV vaccines this year.

Although our current COVID-19 booster vaccine prevents severe disease for nearly a year, it protects against infection for only a few months. Faust is hopeful that the next booster reformulation this fall will prevent infection for a longer period of time, which will encourage more people to get the booster. Right now, a few months away from a new boost, we are in “our least immune moment,” says Faust.

It’s too kind to call the current rundown Covid discourse cultivated by regime outlets like Slate mere disinformation. The waning of vaccine immunity has nothing to do with the mild virus the US is seeing right now. This is nothing more than the standard weatherization wave we’ve seen since the pandemic began in 2020. Reading this, I know, will shock many, but large swaths of the United States, especially in the South, are very hot at the end of summer Americans living in these regions are retreating to cool, air-conditioned indoor environments, which favor the transmission of the virus. That’s all that.

Otherwise, I warn that old Americans, who until now only had to deal with the annual hassle of totally useless flu shots, will now be urged to line up for three separate shots each year, to reasons All media narratives will now be constructed to promote this new triple fall vaccination liturgy against the evil pathogens that plague us, and we will studiously ignore the fact that these age-old rituals do nothing to stop viruses and cause a number non-trivial of people being sicker than necessary. .

UPDATE: Valuable commenter Zelkova points us a this testimonial from Teen Vogue in which Addicen (or Addison) Bauer explains his reasons for participating in the farce 2017 Women’s March:

When Trump was elected, I was shocked. I could not believe that a man who has expressed his hatred only to large groups in our country, abused their rights and treats women like playthings could be elected to be the leader of the free world. The results hit me hard: I thought about the millions of people who would be disenfranchised and the number of people who would have to live in fear under his administration. I wanted to make a difference. When I heard about the march, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase my beliefs and join with many others who share my concerns and hope for peace in America.

I will march for my rights as a woman, but I will also march for the rights of all marginalized groups and people who feel threatened by Trump’s policies. I will march to make sure Mike Pence doesn’t torture innocent people because of their sexual orientation and to hope that refugees aren’t denied entry to our country based on an assumption. I parade to show that women are not objects to be grabbed, but brave human beings willing to fight against the rules, stand up to people who don’t believe in our abilities and let our voices be heard by everyone.


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