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Longtime Dem Senator Not Seeking Re-Election

Longtime Democratic Senator Ben Cardin Not Seeking Re-Election

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland has announced that he will not be seeking re-election in 2024. This news opens up a rare seat for the U.S. Senate in the state that borders Washington, D.C. Representative Jamie Raskin and former GOP Governor Larry Hogan are some of the names that have been mentioned as potential contenders for the Senate seat that will be left vacant by the veteran senator.

Cardin, who is 79 years old, has spent most of his adult life in the political field. Before joining the U.S. Senate in 2007, he joined the U.S. House in 1987, and prior to that, he was the speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates.

After making the announcement, Cardin said, “I am proud of all I have done for Maryland. I have given my heart and soul to our great state, and I thank Marylanders for trusting me as your representative for all these years. … I have run my last election and will not be on the ballot in 2024, but there is still much work to be done.”

CBS News reported that no one has declared their candidacy for the election yet, although all eyes are on Representative Jamie Raskin, who gained prominence during former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trials and recently completed chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Raskin has a preliminary diagnosis of being “in remission” from lymphoma with a 90% prognosis of no relapse, he says.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesperson, Tate Mitchell, said in a statement to Fox News that “Democrats are quickly realizing that the Senate won’t be any fun for them when Republicans retake the majority in 2024.”

Senator Cardin’s decision not to run for re-election is likely a significant blow to the Democratic Party, as they would have had to defend yet another open seat in the Senate in the 2022 midterm elections. Some of the other closely contested races where Democrats are vulnerable include Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona.

Maryland’s open Senate seat in 2024 could become a high-stakes election, especially given that the Democrats would fiercely vie to keep it since the GOP currently holds a majority in the Senate. As the 2022 midterm elections approach, both the Democratic and Republican Parties are expected to ramp up their campaigns in all key battleground states across the country.

Potential Candidates for Maryland’s Open Senate Seat

Though Representative Jamie Raskin has not officially announced his candidacy for Maryland’s open Senate seat, he is seen as an ideal contender. After serving as a member of Congress since 2017, the 58-year-old Raskin was elected to his fourth term in November 2020 with about 67% of the vote.

Moreover, Raskin has a prolific background as a constitutional lawyer, and his legal experience in civil rights and civil liberties cases has brought him attention among progressives who are looking to bolster the ranks of progressive lawmakers in the Senate.

The other candidate being touted to fill Maryland’s open Senate seat is former Republican Governor Larry Hogan. Although he has yet to announce his candidacy, he was listed in a recent poll conducted by Goucher College as a top choice among Maryland voters, capturing support from about 15% of those surveyed.

Hogan is a moderate who broke with the GOP by calling for an end to Trump’s presidency after the 2020 election. Since then, he has remained critical of Trump and his allies in the GOP. In March 2021, Hogan formed a political group called “An America United” that is aimed at promoting moderate Republican candidates in the 2022 elections.

Looking Forward to the 2022 Midterm Elections

Maryland’s open Senate seat could become a significant determinant in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. The election will decide which party controls the Senate and the House of Representatives. Furthermore, it could indicate how Americans feel about President Joe Biden’s presidency, his policies, and his achievements in his first two years in office.

The 2022 midterm elections are crucial for both parties, with the Democrats vying to hold their slim majority in the Senate, as they currently have a 50-50 split with the Republicans. In the House of Representatives, Democrats hold a narrow margin, with 222 Democrats to 212 Republicans, with one independent.

The political landscape has drastically changed since the 2020 presidential election, and the two parties are now gearing up for what is expected to be a high-stakes and high-intensity campaign trail. Republicans are already making a concerted effort to wrest back control of the Senate and House in the 2022 midterm elections.

While the political climate, opinion polls, and geographical shifts that have happened since 2020 could bode well for the Republicans, the Democrats have their own well-trained and well-funded campaign machinery that they will put to task in 2022.

The Democrats have a lot at stake in 2022, given that they control The White House and Congress. The Biden administration is looking to push more stimulus measures and enact other policies, which could be in dire jeopardy if the Republicans gain control of both the Senate and House.

The Bottom Line

The news that Senator Ben Cardin will not be seeking re-election in 2024 opens up a rare Senate seat in Maryland, which has become a critical battleground state over the years. While Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin is seen as an ideal contender, former GOP Governor Larry Hogan is also being touted to fill the seat.

The 2022 midterm elections will be crucial to both parties, with the Republicans hoping to wrest back control of the Senate and House of Representatives. The outcome of these elections could have far-reaching implications for the Biden administration and American politics in general.

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