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LNC: Edition America without Trump – The Donald – America First

LNC: Edition America without Trump – The Donald – America First

Hi Late Night Crew! Today was a busy day on the sun, and I didn’t want my night companions to miss out. But I also look around and see what’s going on in this country without President Trump, and it bothers me. Our culture is changing a lot from the one I grew up with, and I’m not allowed to say anything about it.

To begin with, the LGBTQ movement has been taking more and more liberties and our society has been allowing it. I look at where we are now, and it’s a long way from where we started when it was just “we want to marry who we want.” He’s not just gay anymore. People are changing their gender and now they are after our children. It really is how they reproduce, and it’s sick. We need someone to stand up for parents’ rights so the FBI doesn’t investigate us when we go to a school board meeting to stand up for our kids and our way of life.

The board had finished it today, but what really piqued my interest is that they have gone too far in going after our children and now we can talk about this issue? JK Rowling has doubled down on her views, but the media only covers this George Lopez fag. Also, the Canadian Cancer Society believes that men can get cervical cancer. We must be able to question this nonsense.

I’m also completely beside myself with what’s going on with Ukraine. President Trump had Putin in complete control while in office. As soon as they stole the election, Putin wasted no time in going after Ukraine. Former Vice President Joe Biden has no choice but to defend the country because they are entangled in a web of corruption. Now Russia is attacking our military drones in international airspace and Lindsey Graham wants to start WW3 because of it. President Trump is pretty good at keeping people from killing themselves. He should be in charge!

And then there are our cities, which President Trump has pledged to engage with in his second term. Portland is a great example where the leftist mob just took over. Their ideology can’t keep criminals off the streets and businesses have left. Now they expect criminals to start targeting residences, because they don’t have the backbone to stand up to the awakened left.

I’m glad we’re finally getting to the 2024 campaign, but it’s still going to be almost two more years of this crap before President Trump can return to office. I hope that at least as the campaign expands, we can start talking about these things and share our opinions freely without retaliation or censorship. You know, something called “Public Debate”. Until then, I’m paying attention to the kids I love and ready to go and fight any school that thinks they can trample on my rights as a parent, I’m staying away from places like Portland and I’m not taking any. plane rides with joe biden.

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