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Lithium burns underwater… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Have you seen the amount of environmental damage it creates when they’re mining the materials for those batteries? Holy crap.!

Nothing here about lithium burning under water, but we do know what happens when water and electricity mix. once those vehicles catch on fire, there’s no way to disconnect the electricity because it’s under the hood. Vehicles are going to have to be stored with their batteries outside overnight.

When you’re on a boat and there’s an electrical fire, it’s a two-step process. Probably the same at home with your electrical panel. The first thing you have to do is disconnect the electricity, which leaves extinguishing the material fire.

I think eventually the idea is to price out 90% of the people so they can’t have a vehicle or a house to worry about. But at this time, it seems to me that the government is forcing us to have dangerous things that we don’t want and that don’t actually preserve the environment or stop global warming…. or prevent child slave labor from being used to mine the necessary materials.

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