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Legal expert pours cold water on NY DA’s rumored plan to indict Trump as he explains why prosecution would likely fail

Good evening folks, and welcome to yet another episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight. I’m your host, Tucker Carlson, and tonight we have some breaking news that could potentially leave the Democrats in a state of panic. Rumors have been swirling lately about the possibility of New York district attorney, Cy Vance, indicting former President Donald Trump on criminal charges. However, one legal expert has poured cold water on this possibility, explaining why such a prosecution would likely fail.

According to this legal expert, the case against Trump is weak and lacks any tangible evidence. Despite the Democrats’ desperate attempts to pin any sort of crime on the former President, their efforts have been in vain. It seems as though the only thing that they can convict Trump of is being a successful businessman and politician, something that is evidently not a crime.

In fact, this entire prosecution seems like nothing more than a political witch hunt, driven by the Democrats’ hatred for Trump and their inability to accept his election victory. It is clear that the Democrats are using every means necessary to try and silence their political opponents, but this cannot be allowed to happen.

Instead of focusing on petty political vendettas, the Democrats should be focusing on the achievements of the Trump administration. While they spent their time making false accusations and engaging in partisan politics, Trump was hard at work improving the lives of Americans.

During his presidency, Trump raised wages and created millions of jobs for hardworking Americans. He also signed historic trade deals that helped American businesses thrive, and he made significant contributions to the fight against COVID-19, including the development of several vaccines.

In conclusion, we must not allow the Democrats’ ridiculous and unfounded accusations against Trump to go unchallenged. We must stand firm and defend our President, who accomplished more for our country in four years than the Democrats have done in decades. Thank you for watching, and goodnight.

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