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Left-wing media is growing impatient with Biden’s lies – PJ Media


Until now, the Washington Post’s resident “Fact-Checker” Glenn Kessler has been a staunch leftist establishment propagandist, never breaking character or giving any sign that he cared or was even capable of independent thought. .

Even Kessler, however, seems to have finally had enough of old Joe Biden’s constant lies. On Thursday, Kessler made what to the WaPo was a remarkable admission: Much of what Old Joe is talking about is not “believable.” It’s a polite way of saying the fake president is a liar.

Yes, you knew it. Everyone did it. But for the Washington Post, which has doggedly carried water for this disastrous regime even as it drove America into a ditch, admitting it was momentous. Of course, Kessler never directly accuses Biden of lying, despite Old Joe’s long history of lies dating back to his plagiarism at the law school. The closest Kessler comes is noting that some people have accused Biden of lying: “Contemporary news reports about the house fire don’t match his explanation, venting. critic that he had lied to a vulnerable public.”

This is a far cry from WaPo’s treatment of the hated Trump, whom they accuse of lying regularly, last August 19 in the history titled “Trump’s Lies Tested the Limits of the Bully Pulpit. Their right to say them is at the core of criminal defense.” Kessler and his Post colleagues would rather put on MAGA hats and put on a Kid Rock album than write anything on the order of “The lies of Biden tested the limits of the bully pulpit,” but Kessler got as close as the WaPo will get when he wrote that while Old Joe’s tales were sometimes “largely true,” other “they fall short”.

Kessler added: “As president, Biden has continued the tradition of embellishing his personal narratives in ways that cannot be verified or are directly refuted by contemporary accounts.” That’s what they call a “lie”, Glenn. I know how it must break your heart to admit that the figure of this extreme leftist regime is guilty of this, but the facts are the facts.

For all the limitations imposed by his ideological blinkers, however, Kessler manages to provide a fairly accurate summary of some of Biden’s most blatant lies. Kessler notes that “at least six times as president, most recently In comments to victims of Hurricane Idalia on Wednesday, Biden exaggerated the extent of a fire that occurred at his home in 2004.”

Kessler says nothing about the shameful tone-deafness of Biden’s recent exit from this lie for the victims of the Maui wildfires; before an audience of people who had lost everything, Old Joe, who has led a life of privilege as a member of the Beltway elite since the early 1970s, was kidding about how he almost lost his vintage Corvette.

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Kessler also does some useful research on one of Old Joe’s favorite lies. Kessler writes: “Three times this year, and at least seven times since 2014, Biden has told a version, most recently on August 10, of a story about words his father allegedly said. after a teenage Biden saw two well-dressed men in suits kissing in downtown Wilmington in the early 1960s. —Joey, it’s simple. They love each other,” Biden’s father is said to have commented.

Improbable as the story is, it gets even worse in light of the variations Kessler points out: “In 2014in a New York Times article about his evolution in same-sex marriage, he was the father of the story, talking to one of his children. In the article, Biden’s father appears in a different story about a similar issue: forcing a friend to apologize after insulting a gay couple on a Delaware beach. But in 1987, Biden he told the Los Angeles Times another version: that his father had taught him a lesson after he tried to postpone a visit to a gay couple who were staunch supporters of the senator and shared an apartment on a beach in Delaware.

As if to reassure his readers of his continued ideological purity, Kessler also quotes White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates as telling him, presumably with a straight face, that Biden “has brought back the honesty and integrity in the oval office.” That’s what the sinister authoritarian corrupter of the White House and his minions want us to believe, and that’s what Kessler tells us. However, Kessler’s piece introduces WaPo readers to what will be a foreign concept to most of them: Old Joe Biden may not be entirely honest. In this, Kessler has done a valuable service.


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