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Klaus Schwab reveals the ultimate goal, KJP says The Quiet Part Out Loud and Joe’s V Day Confusion

Klaus Schwab reveals the ultimate goal, KJP says The Quiet Part Out Loud and Joe’s V Day Confusion

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Today’s best:

KJP Says Quiet Side Loud With Stunning Admission About Declining Real Wages: They Hate You
“Numbers came out today showing a monthly decline in real wages as well as an annual decline in real wages… How do you see the pullback in today’s numbers?” – Journalist

Klaus Schwab reveals the ultimate goal…
Why does anyone follow their example and that of the WEF?

Joe Biden Is Only Downloaded For Valentine’s Day: Wife? sister? Dr. Jill? 2nd husband? – Tucker
“He has no idea it’s Valentine’s Day.” – Tucker Carlson

FLASHBACK: Hockey Coach Tells Players to Respect National Anthem or “Screw Yours”
This should be the gold standard policy in all sports at all levels.

Elon Musk slams globalists to the face at world government summit
“I think maybe we should be a little worried about becoming a one world government.”

A trans woman has taken offense when asked if she has a penis after wearing one
They’re perfectly fine talking to kids about their genitalia, but it offends them.

Fingerprints of unvaccinated teacher sent to FBI (according to) – criminalizing medical freedom?
“What kind of criminal activity did I engage in? Besides denying something I felt was right for me? Religious, mentally . . .”

Newsom’s California is a Criminal’s Paradise: Casual Thievery’s Benny Hill Remix Edition
Keep voting Democrat and see where that takes you.

Chaos erupts in the Buffalo Mass Shooter audience when a man charges at a killer
“Man, you don’t know a damn thing about black people.”

East Palestine disaster: Biden’s EPA official says he would drink the water
Anyone else think they should put their money where their mouth is?

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