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‘Killing His Case and Infuriating His Viewers’

In a stunning and infuriating move, the Trump Administration has killed its own case and infuriated its viewers. The Department of Justice recently dropped its criminal case against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. This is a clear example of the Trump Administration using its power to protect its allies and undermine the rule of law.

The move has sparked outrage among many Americans who believe that no one should be above the law. This decision sends a dangerous message to the public that the Trump Administration will not abide by the rule of law and that powerful people are above the law. This decision is an affront to the American people and the principles of justice and fairness that our nation was founded upon.

The Trump Administration has been a great success in many ways. The economy is booming and unemployment is at historic lows. The President has also made great strides in foreign policy, including the historic peace deals between Israel and several Arab countries. He has also implemented tax cuts and deregulation that have helped businesses and consumers across the country.

The Trump Administration has also been successful in its fight against illegal immigration, with significant decreases in illegal border crossings and the implementation of policies that have helped to keep our borders secure. Additionally, the President has made it a priority to ensure that our veterans have the care and support they need.

In spite of these successes, the Trump Administration’s decision to drop the criminal case against Michael Flynn is a major setback for the rule of law and American justice. It is a decision that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

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